Review – Patchology Masks

Hey all! It’s finally been long enough since my little birthday haul to try out some of the products I picked up in March. One of the more exciting brands was Patchology, a sheet/gel mask brand that I’ve really been wanting to try (inspired by my fave drag queen, KimChi, who loves them). Read on below for my thoughts!

The main appeal of Patchology is the amount of time you use the masks. They differentiate themselves from other brands in that most of their products recommend a 5 min waiting time (versus the typical 15-20 timing of most Korean sheet masks). My main concern when trying these masks was that they might be gimmicky and about the same as my typical sets of cheap sheet masks from The Face Shop. I’ve tried each of them several times to see!

First, a rundown of the products. I got the Rejuvenating Eye Gels, Restoring Night Eye Gels, Flashmasque Hydrating Mask, and a sample of the Aquaflash Daily Gel Moisturizer. I’m not going in depth on the moisturizer today cause it isn’t that life changing, and it doesn’t fall into the “mask” category. In my opinion the masks is where things should shine for this brand.

I was a big fan of the eye patches of both types. Anything hydrogel is my best friend, because of the feeling it gives your face when you wear it. (I also appreciate this texture cause regular sheet masks don’t fit well on my small face). I think eye masks are such a trend because they give you that “fresh” feeling with a lot less effort and cleanup. Both of these eye masks refresh my eye area and create a noticeable difference. I will say the night gels are a little heavier but I didn’t notice a huge difference in results. The full jar retails for $50 which might be a bit much for some people, but there are plenty of dupes out there. What makes Patchology worth it I think, is that they truly do work in 5 minutes. My face feels the same after 5 minutes as it does with 20 minutes using a regular mask.

The same goes for the traditional sheet mask I bought. I felt that the serum and effects were distributed more quickly and effectively than other sheet masks. It felt almost like a treatment. With these masks you get what you pay for, sheet masks for the busy gal/guy with high quality ingredients. If that isn’t your concern I wouldn’t recommend them. I got these on sale as well, so that’s a good way to try them and see if they’re worth it to you! Buying a jar of eye gels is really convenient and saves on packaging and mess.

I hope you enjoyed this mini brand review! I’m definitely going to keep trying Patchology’s products in the future!



The Look – Spring Fashion 2019

Hey all! It’s finally above 30 degrees here in the Chicago area so that means I finally get to take some pictures outside! I got some new clothes recently as you may have noticed on my Instagram, and I’m very excited to show them off. Check out a couple new looks below!

High-waisted jeans and pastel button-down:

I bought this amazing button-down shirt at Target and didn’t even realize how well it would match my purple hair! It’s oversized and very comfortable, while also flattering my shape when I tuck it in. Let’s be real though, the true star of this look is the jeans. I got these high-waisted button-fly jeans at Gap and I’m truly obsessed (you’ll see as much since they’re used in another look as well). They are incredibly flattering and comfortable as well. And to think I almost didn’t buy them!

Shirt – Target
Jeans – Gap
Ankle Boots – DSW
Brown Leather Cuff – Target
Red Leather Cuff – Forever21

Blue Dress Shirt and Green Maxi Skirt:

You know when you see something in a store and just know it’s going to be an amazing statement piece? That’s how I feel about this green polka-dot maxi skirt. It’s silky, comfortable, and rides the fine line between glamorous and matronly. It also doesn’t blow up around me in the Evanston winds so I appreciate that. This particular look was my take on a more professional feminine vibe for a work event. I especially love the little bow bandanna on top!

Blue Button-down – Gap
Green Maxi Skirt – Target
Oxfords – Toms
Hair Scarf – Target
Statement Necklace – Forever21

Casual Tee made fashionable:

This final look took me by surprise. My mom bought me this shirt for my birthday and it looked pretty average until I saw the sleeves. They are just the perfect touch to make it more than your normal t-shirt. I added the choker/necklace combo to jazz up the neckline and wore those amazing high-rise jeans again. The final touch is always my faux leather jacket (it’s not that warm yet haha).

Striped T-shirt – Old Navy
High-waisted Jeans – Gap
Jacket – Target
Ankle Boots – DSW
Choker – Target
Necklace – Esty

I can’t wait to try out more new spring clothing and get excited by fashion again! Spring and summer are the best time to try out cute outfits. Please follow for new posts and don’t forget to check out my Instagram, where I post fashion, beauty, and makeup every MWF!


Review – Colourpop Haul Sep. 2018


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How To: 3 Ways to Wear a Square Scarf


Hey all!

Summer is coming to an end and it’s the perfect time to show off some of the creative headwear I’ve been using to spice up my pixie cut. I don’t like to wear the same hairstyle every single day, so a large scarf I purchased at Target recently has been a perfect accessory. I love the colors on this scarf and its versatility. Read on for the 3 ways I tie my scarf! Continue reading

Summer 2018 Favorites


Hey all! I’m back in your feed just in time for summer! When you live in the Chicago area things are pretty freaking cold most of the time, so I live for summer. I love that beach aesthetic and pops of bright color in the sun! This post is a run-down of products that come out of hibernation when summer rolls around. Read on for the deets! Continue reading

Review: Products I’ve Purchased Twice


Hey all! I’ve got a new kind of review post for you today because I found myself needing to replace a lot of products in the last few months. I don’t know about you, but I always seem to have to make all my big spending refills at once and it always breaks the bank sob. I thought I’d review these products for you because I’ve purchased each one of them at least 2 or more times. These are staples for me! So read on for what makes these products so timeless in my routine. Continue reading

Tutorial: Maroon Smoky Eye


Happy March everyone! Today I’m back with a new tutorial and mini review post of a look I’ve been loving for the past couple months. Maroon and mauve colors are super big in the makeup world right now, and I’m excited to share an eye look I created by accident from a bunch of random colors. Read on for the new product I used for the look above! Continue reading

Keeping your New Year’s Resolutions Realistic


Hey all!

As another new year approaches we come across a common tradition: resolutions for the future. 2017 has been rough on a lot of people including myself, so we see the new year as a time for reflection and making changes. Most of you probably feel like I did and wanted to exorcise the bad elements of 2017 from your lives, but I’ve also found over the years that new year’s resolutions can be damaging and negative to my self-image and mental health. So I decided to share a few tips on resolutions to help everyone have a great 2018 (and to work on one of mine, to write blog posts more consistently this year).

The main idea I’m trying to push here is to be realistic. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with aspiring to improve yourself. Big dreams are important. But unrealistic resolutions are doomed to failure because you have to be patient and kind with yourself as well. We are often our own harshest critics because we don’t have a broad perspective on our own lives. This is why we are often cruel and insulting to ourselves in a way we would never be to our friends. So it is important to keep our resolutions simple, doable, and considerate to our well-being.

For physical resolutions, this means starting small and working up to bigger goals. If you want to exercise more try setting a goal of exercising once a week. It doesn’t seem like much, but once you achieve a smaller goal, you can work up to 2, 3, or even 7 days a week. But in the interim you aren’t disappointed in yourself for failing. Cold turkey is a difficult thing. Cutting soda, alcohol, or indulgent habits all at once is often virtually impossible. Usually I end up breaking the resolution once and then quitting altogether because I’ve disappointed myself. If you start small, you have accomplishments to be proud of. It’s amazing to make even a simple lifestyle change! Then you can manage your goals over time instead of putting all your hopes and dreams into things magically “getting better” as soon as January 1st hits each year.

I think it is also important to be kind to yourself and pick a few resolutions that are not physically based. We are such a body-stressed society. As soon as 2018 hit I noticed a huge uptake in diet meal plan and exercise ads on my Hulu. These are noble aspirations to be sure, but focusing on mental health is equally important and in some ways easily looked over. Sometimes we focus so much on the number on the scale or the size of our waistbands that we forget how we feel. Does your body feel good each day? Do you feel a sense of contentment in life? Weighing less isn’t a mental health magic bullet. Inner goals can be big like going to therapy more often or getting off social media to prevent negativity. But they can also be small, like hanging out with friends more or taking more time to do a cherished hobby. I often find that these goals make a huge difference in my life and keep me from staring in the mirror and entering a shame spiral.

A new year can be hard for a lot of people. Many of us lose loved ones or have a hard time being around our families for the holidays. So encouraging kindness around resolutions is important. We are human beings who are imperfect. A resolution is not a test to fail, and breaking one does not make you useless or stupid. It is more important to be realistic in the ways we improve ourselves because we are each special and so important to this world. I hope all of you have an extremely wonderful 2018 full of changes and exciting growth, and thank you again for reading this blog. It means so much to me!


Clothes Should Fit You, Not the Other Way Around

Hey all! I know I’ve done several tutorials in a row for the past couple of weeks and I thought it would be nice to write something a bit longer again. I want to discuss one of the most stressful parts of being a woman with a body in this society.


Photo Credit:

When I say that I’ve cried in a dressing room I’m sure it sounds shocking to some readers. But I guarantee that if you’re a woman it might sound a little familiar. Women’s bodies are constantly being pushed to fit certain standards. You have to be as skinny or as fit as every celebrity. You can’t have rolls, cellulite, small boobs, or a flat butt. I find one the most pervasive ideas we have is that we have to fit into certain clothing sizes. The goal is to be a size 5 and squeeze into those jeans that cut off your circulation.

But as I’ve reflected on this idea I feel like it makes no sense. Why do we have to fit into clothes when clothes should fit us? Despite what some fashion companies and designers would like you to think, it is actually easier to make clothes that fit all shapes then to lose weight or cause yourself injury trying to create a body type that you just don’t have.

Every woman looks good in some article of clothing. If something fits your unique body it looks good, no matter how “unideal” your body type is (that’s another discussion for another day). If you wonder why celebrities always look good it’s because they have all their clothes fitted and altered. That’s what you would look like if you had a personal tailor. Women used to make their own clothes and they fit perfectly which caused a lot less body insecurity. But instead of doing that now we are cramming ourselves into sizes that just don’t work because companies prefer to think that all women are size 2 when the majority are size 12-16 (and anyone outside of this range should have options too).

So yes, I’ve cried in a dressing room. Every year my numbers kept going up. Instead of celebrating my growing body and development in middle school I was worried that my pants might go over a size 8 when everyone else was wearing a 0. It’s like a game; when the numbers go up you are somehow a worse person. It’s no wonder men are allowed to feel good about themselves at a variety of median body sizes, they just use inches and centimeters to determine their sizes. But we can’t possibly give women that level of security. Make sure they are a 31 in one store, a 12 in another, and a 40 in the stores that want to make you feel extra terrible.

It’s like we’re gas lighting women every time they enter a store. You thought you knew your size but “surprise!” you’re fatter than you ever thought! It doesn’t matter that we just forgot to tell you that we arbitrarily change the numbers every 6 months. So we sit in the dressing room and cry because we don’t “fit” even when the problem is that nothing fits us.

I’m definitely not over my body image issues. I probably never will be completely for a lot of reasons. But I haven’t cried in a dressing room in several years. A lot of women find ways around this shame. We order online or find awesome sites that are ahead of the game and creating beautiful pieces for women of all sizes (see modcloth and Lane Bryant!). For me, I finally put on the “biggest” size number of jeans that I had ever worn in my life. But I looked good. The jeans fit all my curves and didn’t smash my stomach so much that I was afraid to eat. The clothes I wear aren’t a size small, but they look great. They make me feel confident. And when something doesn’t fit I throw it out. Why do I need to hang onto things that make me feel bad? I don’t have any obligation to fit into clothes that are too small. And I feel great about the clothes I wear. And guess what? No one knows or cares what size they are anyway.


Photo Credit:

As a disclaimer I know I haven’t had the hardest time of all people. I still fall into the range of people who are not discriminated against because of their weight. We also need to remember that other people’s bodies are NEVER our business. I don’t care if you are “concerned about someone’s health”, it is never ok to comment on someone’s body or tell them how to live. This is why the clothing sizes are super important. They send the message that it is okay to look however you look in this society.

So next time you’re in the dressing room depression I encourage a little rethinking. The cute skirt doesn’t fit you? That’s fine because it wasn’t made for you. It should be perfect for YOU. I promise there is someone else thinking the same thing and they made that skirt in the correct size in another store. It’s taking a while for the world to catch up, but people are starting to realize that selling clothes to everyone is the best thing for business and your moral compass. Maybe someday we can wake up and feel amazing for how our bodies pump blood to our organs and how our eyes reflect light to create images. It is a goddamn miracle that our bodies run how they do every day. So I try to create a little inner peace by covering my beautiful amazing mind vehicle with things that make me happy. Cellulite, extra cushioning and all.


Tutorial: Two-Toned Eyes


Hi all! Today’s post was inspired by the beauty section of Glamour magazine (not atypical of me). Sometimes the makeup trends are a little too intense for me (especially those terribly unwearable glossy lids), but going bold can also be really fun! My bold looks are often the ones I get the most compliments on because they are interesting and noticeable. Today’s look is all about bright colors and bold lines, so read on for more! Continue reading