My Favorite Spring Nail Colors


There’s nothing like a bit of spring nail polish to brighten up an unusually cold March and April. I must confess that I was never much of a nail painter until a few months ago, but since then my obsession has grown ten-fold! I honestly think that spring colors are some of the prettiest because they include some bold flower shades and pastels. The above picture is a bit dark to show off the colors, but I couldn’t resist the rain in the background. Rainy weather is my favorite thing about springtime! (I apologize for the various types of lighting, but I sampled these photos from times I wore the colors throughout the spring months.)

The first color I’m loving is the one on my fingernails now; the Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy polish in Checkmate. This is honestly a beautiful nude for any season, but I have been loving it even more this spring. It is a flattering sandy color and looks great on my pale skin considering how some nudes wash me out.


Next up is the first Essie polish I ever purchased, Mint Candy Apple. This shade is right up my alley since I’m the queen of mint and turquoise shades. It’s actually much more vivid on the nails and is as noticeable as any of my brighter summer shades.


I must confess that the next shade is my absolute favorite and one of my newest nail polish colors. It’s an Essie polish called Garden Variety, and I believe it is part of the spring collection this year. I was instantly drawn to it because it’s one of “my colors” as I’ve said, but it turned out even prettier than I expected on the nails. I wore this for my birthday and I just couldn’t stop staring at it! I recommend this wholeheartedly.


The third color holds a special place in my heart because it was given to me for being a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding. It is another Essie polish in the color Lilacism. I struggled to find a good photo of this on my nails because the camera always makes it out to be more blue than it is. In real life it comes off as a lilac/grey type color that can look neutral. The purple coloring comes out more when you look closely.


The last color was a complete impulse-buy, but it ended up being one of the most gorgeous pink/neutrals that I have. It’s OPI’s Tickle me France-y and I am completely in love! I really like the way OPI polishes apply and this one is just so classic. It definitely looks more pink on the nails than in the website picture. This polish could be used all year round but I’m a big fan of it this season.


There you have it folks! Try out some of these polishes as the spring season winds down or keep the pastel trend going for the rest of the year. I know I’ll be hitting up these colors all summer long!



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