Spring Wardrobe Staples


Hello all! Today I decided it might be nice to share some of my favorite outfit choices for springtime this year. I like dressing for spring weather because it is a great time to mix up your winter and summer clothing. For me this means wearing long sleeves with shorts or layers so that you can be prepared for varying weather. Read on if you want to see some of my top spring pieces!

(Thanks to the wonderful Cara for taking pictures for me!)

I’m really loving this outfit lately because I just bought this sweater at the Gap and it is a gorgeous spring color. It is a pretty light sweater, which is what I would recommend for possibly warm spring days. I paired it with shorts because I love how a sweater looks with a pair of shorts. Winter on top and summer on the bottom! I finished the look with some simple gladiator sandals and my favorite elephant necklace. I wear this necklace constantly. It is a perfect way to jazz up a simple outfit and I think a pendant necklace is an essential addition to any lazy girl’s wardrobe when she wants to add a little something to her look!

My next look is something I’ve come back to a million times. It is very classic and I think the flower print brings spring to mind. I love to wear chambray shirts because they are so versatile. You can wear them over another shirt, buttoned or unbuttoned, sleeves rolled up or down. I preferred the medium length sleeve for chilly weather, but I wear this look in the summer too with the sleeves rolled to my upper arm. The shoes are some incredibly comfortable punch-out oxfords and I finished off the outfit with a statement necklace. Something as busy as this necklace adds some excitement to the plain button-down.

My last outfit is probably the one I’ve worn most as of late. The shirt has a beautiful flow to it and I love how long the back hangs down. It makes the shirt more unique. It is also fairly sheer which shows off my tattoo and keeps it comfortable and cool. I might wear this shirt with just a bandeau underneath in summer to go with the warmer weather. I like to pair rolled-up jeans with my ankle boots because it shows off the shape of the shoes and looks really put-together. I’m wearing a gold arrow necklace that I’ve been obsessed with lately and I added some color with my red leather cuff. I’ve gotten tons of compliments on that bracelet and it adds a little of my inner punk to an otherwise very classic outfit.

Spring is winding down now and I hoped to share some of these looks with you before we transition into summer (and extreme humidity; my poor hair!). Many of these pieces could easily be worn in both summer and fall as well because they are good variable-weather staples. I hope you enjoyed this little foray into fashion! I’m no personal stylist, but I do enjoy sharing the clothes I like to wear occasionally. Let me know if you liked this post and I’ll share outfits again in the summer months as well.


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