How to style a pixie cut

I cut my hair short about one year ago, with varying styles during that time. It was quite a surprising step for me, but I am completely in love with my short hair. People tend to ask me if I’ll grow my hair longer again and I always say “No way, I love my hair!” I can’t guarantee that I won’t change the length someday, but I think that a pixie cut is one of the most fun things to style and it is extremely versatile. When I cut my hair I noticed a severe lack of advice on styling, especially for girls. There are lots of great products out there but it is difficult to sift through them or find one that isn’t musky (if you’re someone who loves the musk go for it of course!). Read on to see how I style my hair!

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I’ve inserted some pictures above of my hair without any product in it. This is how it usually looks after showering at night and sleeping on it partly wet. I think the key to successful pixie cut styling is a good cut to begin with. Short hair can be the pinnacle of laziness so I think you should be able to wear it as is. I waited to do this post until I got a haircut and it’s been about 2 weeks since the appointment. I call this “ideal hair look time” because the hair looks neat but has also grown out a bit. I’m a bit fan of the back of mine right now because it’s got that cool slight undercut.

The main tool I use if I want to style my hair is a texturizing spray. The one I use right now is the Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe spray and I’m in love with it. It leaves some beautiful texture without the hair feeling hard and you can reshape any stray hairs with a sweep of the fingers. This ability to mold is essential where I live because it is crazy windy. It also smells like coconut which is lovely!

My first look is pretty similar to my undone hair, but with a little more staying power and texture. It is also ridiculously easy to do. Just spray the sea salt on wet hair at night and blow-dry it. I just spray the salt on the top part and mess it around with my hand while it dries. Then I sleep on it. If you’re a crazy sleeper like me some curl and texture is created and you can volumize even more in the morning. I keep the sides of my hair product free most of the time.

This look is perfect for when I want my hair out of the way or my makeup to be seen a bit better. To do this style I start by spraying my wet hair again with the texturizing spray, but this time I blow-dry it holding my head upside down. The result is a Frankenstein’s monster kind of poof with lots of volume. When I sleep on it the craziness flattens a bit a leaves things looking like the picture above. For this look and the last I occasionally use the Lanza Style Molding Paste instead of the sea salt spray. I’d recommend that product if you’re looking for a hairstyle the has zero movement. The stuff is like glue so I only use it occasionally (It is also about $20 whereas the salt spray is a beautiful $5).

My final hair look is what I use when I’m being lazy and I don’t want bangs anymore. This is also one of my go-to looks when I desperately need a haircut. It is the easiest look because you just put a headband of any kind on your head. My favorite headband is a bandanna tied in a little bow on top. I find it gives a really cute look and channels Rosie the Riveter if I’m wearing denim. After using the headband to smooth your bangs back I would recommend pushing the band forward to create that little pouf. You must be willing to accept all stray hairs with this style however.

There you have it! These are the ways I style my pixie cut. Everyone’s hair is different but this is what works for me. I even find that I mess with my hair more now than I ever did when it was longer. The most common thing I hear from people when they see my hair is usually “You are so brave!” or “I could never pull that off.” While I do like to think I work the pixie well, I highly suggest cutting it all off yourself! No one thinks they can wear short hair, but with the right cut it is a bold choice that looks super chic. If you already have this haircut I hope I could be of a little help with my styling!


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