Tutorial: The One Color Eye Look

IMG_2317I’m all about makeup looks that are accessible to anyone who wants to do them, and a one color tutorial is just that. I love me some fancy eyeshadow techniques, but in reality most people want something that is easy and looks good every day. I find myself using my one eyeshadow looks a couple times a week when I’m getting ready late or just feeling the chill look. In fact, this makeup is just as pretty as any of my more intense faces with half the effort! Read on to see how I achieve this simple eye makeup!

Most of my one color looks involve a neutral shimmery eyeshadow or a creme eyeshadow. The product I’m using in this tutorial is the Maybelline Color Tattoo creme eyeshadow in the color Bad to the Bronze. Everyone and their mother has raved about this product and color, but it isn’t hype. The product stays on the lids for a ridiculously long time but it has some blending time after first application as well. The bronze color is beautiful and works well across the whole lid because it gives the appearance of depth and reflection.

I started with the Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation as my base, some concealer, an eyebrow pencil, and an eye primer. I use a primer with every look I do because my eyelids will crease any product no matter how long lasting. Many of you can easily use the color tattoo alone as it makes a nice base.

This look is all about simplicity so all I do is put some of the color tattoo product on my middle finger and rub it across the lid. It’s wise to work one eye at a time so you can smudge the color before it sets. I like to smudge it just above my crease because the shiny color creates the illusion of depth.

At times I leave the look simple like the above picture; with only a bit of mascara. It looks nice no matter what you decide to do, but I wanted to add a little liquid eyeliner to create a small wing. A little bit of a wing is one of my signatures so it makes sense in my daily look. I used the CLIO liquid eyeliner in Kill Brown because a brown liner is bold but less intense than black. I also added mascara on my top and bottom lashes to complete the look.

The other main products I use to achieve this look are a shimmery brown Lancome shadow and a new favorite, the Clinique Chubby Stick shadow tint. I got this product from my grandma and it’s a perfect neutral lilac for a simple daily look. The application is also very easy because you can just rub the stick across your lids and blend it with your finger quite easily. I have a picture of this color on my lids below.

I absolutely love  this look for every day simple eye makeup. I’ve been wearing the bronze a lot as the weather warms up because it is very summery. I also think it’s important to get back to basics sometimes and do tutorials for the life of a busy person who wants to look good. Comment and let me know what you use for your one product eye looks!


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