My Top Bold Summer Lipsticks

Summer is here is full force and I’m thrilled to be able to pull out some of my boldest lipstick for sunny weather. I do believe that you can wear whatever lipstick you want at any time, but I just feel better wearing some of these in the summer months! Well folks, it is over 100 degrees and the sun is finally shining, so let’s get to those bold lippies! Read on for my picks.

My first lipstick has been seen on this blog before because it is just beautiful. It is a MAC lipstick called Vegas Volt. The color is a beautiful coral that is perfect for spring and summer. I found that I didn’t have a pinkish coral in my collection and purchased this one in Australia when I was studying abroad. It is actually my first MAC lipstick as well, so it is well loved.

The next lipstick up is a classic summer lip for me. It is the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Fuchsia Fusion. I bought this color when I was getting my first ever lipsticks and it has been used quite often. I find it particularly summery because it is a pearl sheen so it shines in the sun quite nicely. If you doubt how much I love this lipstick you should know that I lost my first tube in Sydney and had to purchase another ASAP because I was so devastated.

My third summer lipstick is one I don’t pull out unless the sun is really shining. It can be a bit crazy in overcast weather because it the the most straight-up orange color I have. This is also a Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in the color Siren. I got this lipstick thinking it was coral, so needless to say I was shocked to find it so orange. Since then I have grown to love the way it looks with a warm summer eye. Be careful with this one when purchasing. It looks very different on the models than in real life. It is even a bit brighter in real life than I could capture in this picture.

My final lipstick is by far the most bold and crazy. It is an almost Barbie doll pink and can come off as garish without a bright sunny day. It is MAC’s Candy Yum Yum which is super popular among the online crowd. For such a bright lipstick is comes off as quite beautiful and it reminds me of the beach because I bought it in California last summer. The formula is matte but it doesn’t crack and dry like some of my MAC mattes. It dries down and stains really nicely so reapplication isn’t super necessary.

I hope you enjoyed these bold lip colors for summer! I’ve been having a great time running around in them and can’t wait to struggle through some more heat while looking fly. Stay cool readers!


3 thoughts on “My Top Bold Summer Lipsticks

  1. These shades look lovely on you. I just ordered Vegas Volt and it’s nice to be able to see the colour on someone with fairer skin like me. I ordered it because I wanted a pinky coral rather than an orange one and I know a lot of people say it has a more orange tint to it depending on skin colour. As I already have Morange, I was really hoping that Vegas Volt wouldn’t be basically just a lighter shade of it; but it definitely has pinkish tints in this picture! would you describe it as more of a pink coral or an orange coral?


    • I’m glad I could help! I absolutely love this color. I would definitely say it is a little more of a pink coral although it is pretty close to the middle of orange and pink. It definitely comes off as more pink when you wear it longer or in natural light but it is quite vivid when applied. It is not a straight orange though for sure! It should be quite different from morange! Thanks for commenting!


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