Tutorial: The Minimal Look

IMG_2623Hey all! I’ve got a simple makeup tutorial for you today on my most minimal makeup look! I honeslty disklike saying it’s a “no makeup” look because I am definitely wearing makeup and I want to look like I am. I just want to do as little work as possible on days when there isn’t much going on. Read on to check out this look!

This is my main look for days when I’m just hanging around but might run some errands as well. I only use 4 products for this look which is pretty minimal I think. I start off with some concealer rather than a full face of foundation. Normally I would put on very little, but I got a little sun at the beach yesterday so I added a bit extra. My no makeup face is on the left and my concealed face is on the right. I used the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Light.

Next up is my eyebrows. If there is one thing I like to do on a minimal day it is da brows. I use two products, a pencil to fill in gaps and a gel to keep the hairs in place. I wouldn’t do the brows if they aren’t super important to you. You could do the lips or blush or anything that is your favorite in a makeup look. I used the NYX micro brow pencil in Expresso and the NYX tinted brow mascara in Expresso.


My final step is a good layer of mascara. Luckily my lashes are pretty long so mascara gives the look the oomph that I want. I go out with just mascara sometimes if my skin is looking good because it makes such a difference. I’m using the Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara for this look.

That’s all it takes to complete my minimal makeup look! I wanted to show you all how I do this because I feel that a lot of tutorials use a heck of a lot of makeup for a minimal look and that might be unrealistic for the average user. I thought this look was easy to maintain for anyone and looks really clean and simple. Enjoy the finished look below!


2 thoughts on “Tutorial: The Minimal Look

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