My Skincare Routine


Hello all! Today I’ve decided to do a rundown of my current skincare routine. I think taking care of your skin is important to create a foundation for makeup or just to feel really good. I am also motivated by my health, as skin cancer and sun damage run in my family. This is the only epidermis I have (if you don’t count the cell regeneration) and I’m gonna treat it well! Read on for my routine!

My skincare may seem a bit rigorous to many of you, but it is based off of the Korean skincare system, where more products isn’t necessarily so bad. What really counts is what is inside of them! I initially got into skincare by learning from my roommate and the multi-step Korean skincare routine. The Korean industry is at the forefront of most skincare trends and even some makeup trends as well (Did you know that they were the first to use snail slime in skincare and invented BB cream?!). If you want to learn more about the regimen from an expert, check out Charlotte Cho’s post here on Sokoglam!

IMG_2721I’lll start off with my cleansing products because they always come first in the routine. Think of skincare like a ladder; you need each rung to progress to the top. You can’t skip a couple of rungs and jump up higher because each one compounds the next. Skincare also has benefits if you layer certain products on top of each other because it can make each one work better. Remember, I’m not a skincare specialist, so I would consult a dermatologist if you have severe skin problems. These are just the products that work for me.

To do the major makeup cleanse I start with an oil cleanser. Most people in western culture are total libophobics (people who fear oil). We want all of our products to say “oil-free” or think that extra oil will increase the oil your face creates. In fact, our face often produces more oil if it is too dry and extra moisture can really help. The main reason to use oil in skincare is if you use makeup. It takes makeup off like a dream and is part of the famous Korean “double cleanse”. Read about this trend here! I use The Face Shop’s Rice Water Cleansing Oil because it feels very light and foams a bit with water. My second cleanser is a foaming one. I use it to get off the last bits of dirt and makeup. This CeraVe cleanser is very simple and not overly stripping and drying like many drugstore cleansers. I use the Neutrogena eye makeup remover because it is a shake formula that doesn’t leave the lids oily or make you tug a lot on that sensitive skin.


My nighttime skin routine has more products because I use it to do special skin treatments. I always start with a toner, which preps the skin to better absorb the rest of the products. I use the Benton BHA Skin Toner because it is very gentle. Next up is my Paula’s Choice AHA exfoliator. This can be harsh on the skin so I only use it every other day. I prefer chemical exfoliators for my dead skin because manual exfoliators that use beads or sand can be really rough on your skin and create tiny cuts.

Next is my essence. You should always use a serum or essence after your toner to help it soak into the skin. I’m currently using the Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence, but you can use whatever treatment helps your skin most. These first steps aren’t critically important to beginners. Honestly  I would just go for a good moisturizer if you want something simple because moisture is what makes my face the happiest. At night I use the Benton Aloe Soothing gel to cool my skin after the exfoliant and finish with the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel to increase the moisture in my face overnight. It is a bit heavier than my morning moisturizer because I let it soak in all night.


As you can see my morning routine is very simple. I don’t usually cleanse in the morning because it overly strips my skin. I just use toner and an essence as usual, then finish off with a moisturizer. I like this Neutrogena one because it includes sunscreen which is critical to skin health. It prevents sunburns and discoloration and is the key way to keep your skin looking younger longer.


This last set of products are for special use. I use the heavier creams about once a week to regenerate my moisture barrier. The Clinique Repairwear and Moisture Surge work well to do that. I also use eye cream on these days to help my sensitive eye skin. The Clinique Repairwear is nice for this, but honestly I’m using it because I have it, and don’t think that a separate eye cream is that critical. I also have here a sheet mask. These masks are very popular and affordable in Korea and are increasing in popularity in America. I use one about once a week as an intensive serum that really improves the overall look of my face. Plus they are soothing to wear and you can creep out your roommate with your sheet face! You can buy these masks anywhere from The Face Shop to Sephora. Try Sokoglam!

That’s it for the skincare routine everyone! Hopefully this can help you achieve your best skin possible, or maybe just have some fun experimenting! I remind you that my skin is normal type so you might not love all of these products if your skin is very dry or oily. Thanks for reading!


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