5 Makeup Basics for Newbies

IMG_2763Hey everyone! Today I have a special post for a lovely friend of mine (you know who you are) about 5 makeup basics. This post is for you people who want to start with makeup and are overwhelmed by the options. Remember, these are my preferences on how I like to do my makeup. Read on for my top 5!

  1. Foundation: I think foundation or base is one of the most basic and important starters in a makeup kit. It evens your skin tone, makes you look healthier, and covers blemishes. When purchasing your foundation make sure that it matches your skin as perfectly as possible. Ideally you can test it on the side of your jaw and near your neck. If you can’t test it, go by undertone. I’d also recommend adjusting the texture to your skin type. Get something matte for oily and moisture for dry skin. If oil is a real problem a setting powder might be good as well. I would recommend the Loreal True Match Foundation for a drugstore option.
  2. Concealer: Concealer is wonderful to cover blemishes, hide dark circles, and make your skin look awesome. I also use it to replace foundation on light makeup days. Make sure your concealer matches your skin tone as well because it can be very noticeable if poorly matched. I recommend Maybelline Fit Me for a starter option.
  3. Mascara: This product gives you an extra oomph to look put together in my opinion. Long lashes look great no matter what you’re wearing. Go with volumizing or lengthening formulas depending on your preferences. I would recommend Maybelline Great Lash as a classic for beginners.
  4. Blush: Blush is a wonderful product for beginners because it gives your face a lovely and “alive” flush. The key is to get a color that looks very natural on your skin. Try to match it to your natural flush when you work out. That way, a light dusting will instantly make you glow. NYX makes some lovely drugstore blushes.
  5. Brow Pencil/Lipstick/Eyeshadow: This may seem like cheating, but I think you should base your final product on your favorite feature. I would pick a brow pencil because I love a bold brow. If you want to enhance your eyes I would go with a neutral eyeshadow that enhances your eye color, like brown or purple. If you love your lips, a nice nude everyday lipstick or bold color could work. Pick your preference!

Those are my 5 basic makeup products for noobs. I hope this can help all you makeup explorers for the future! Comment with your most basic products below!


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