My Lipstick Collection: Purples and Mauves


Fall is the perfect time of year for purple and mauve lips, so I decided to give you all a little swatch post on my purple-esque lipstick colors! I find that purple is one of those colors that looks so beautiful in cloudy weather or indoors, so these colors have been in the rotation for a few weeks now. Read on for the swatches!

I’m going from lightest to darkest roughly here, so i’m going to start off with this Clinique lipstick in Matte Plum. I wore this in my last blog post and it’s my newest lipstick. The color is a very bright pink/purple, so it is perfect for sunnier days and even spring. For those of you looking for a less drying matte color, these Clinique lipsticks are quite nice.

MAC’s Heroine is my most bold purple lipstick. It is basically a true purple. There is no subtlety to this lipstick, so beware if you’re thinking about purchasing! I love to make this the focus of a look because the color is so unique. It is also matte, so it stays on quite well, but I do think that the color lightens when it dries down. It also leaves a wicked pink stain when removed, so be careful!

This Revlon lipstick is called Mauvy Night, and it is a very nice brownish purple. This is my first mauve lipstick and I usually go for it as a “fall neutral”. It can look pretty dark and drain the face if you aren’t careful, so add a bit of extra blush. This is one of the more affordable lipsticks on this list, at about 7 dollars at the drugstore.

The next lipstick is also Revlon, and it is a balm stain in the color Crush. I like this one because it looks both purple and dark pink. The color doesn’t come out as well in the picture, but it is very unique. I’ve heard it’s a dupe for MAC’s Plumful, so it might be worth a try for those on budgets. The texture is also very smooth and moisturizing.

This is one of my first Colourpop lipsticks and I am in love! The color is called Lumiere, and it is a wonderful combo of pink and purple. I would also call this a Fall neutral, and I’ve worn it so many times since I bought it. The matte formula sticks and doesn’t dry, which I love!

My last purple is also my darkest purple. This Revlon moisture stain in Parisian Passion can look quite dark and vampy, and it dries down into a lovely color as well! It does stay wet for quite a long time, So keep that in mind if you’re worried about transfer. It also feels wonderful on the lips!


The lipsticks are swatched above from left to right. I hope you enjoyed this look at my favorite purples and mauves for the fall season! Comment below with your favorite purples and don’t forget to follow me on social media!


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