My Favorite Fall Nail Colors


I’ve always loved the deep berries and dark forest colors of the fall. Luckily, fall nail polishes always meet my expectations and look completely beautiful and classy! Without further ado, here are my top fall nail polishes this year!

All of these nail polishes happen to be Essie because I went through quite a collecting phase last year, but the quality is good so I don’t mind! They have all been perfect for work as well because deeper colors are very professional.


The first color is called Chinchilly, and it is a lovely gray/purple color. This is my fall neutral nail polish because it has just enough color but isn’t too bright. It also isn’t very hard to mess it up when applying. I use this color all year long as a tried and true gray neutral.


The next color carries the hilarious name Berry Naughty, and is one of the first Essie polishes I ever bought. I was looking for a deep classic red, but instead found this dark berry shade. It is ideal for Christmas or other winter holidays because it is dark and classy, but carries a hint of red. It is a bit harder to get an even coat on this color, so 3 layers might be necessary.


This color is probably my favorite of all four. It has the king of ridiculous names: After School Boy Blazer. It is quite truly a navy blue, but it will look black in most lights. That is what I like about it, because it isn’t a straight harsh black, but it is dark and very fall-like. The opacity of this color is awesome and getting an even color will be very easy. Just be careful about getting it all over your fingers at the same time!


The last color is a fan favorite, Bahama Mama. I have always loved this color for all seasons, but it looks especially beautiful in the fall. The color falls between maroon and purple and is very unique. I recommend picking this one up if you want lots of compliments on how pretty it looks!

Those are my current nail polish picks for the season! They have all had a steady place on my nails this fall and will continue through the winter I am sure! Comment below with your fall nail polish picks!


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