Haul: Black Friday (Ulta, Sokoglam, Colourpop)


Hey everyone! I’m not the biggest fan of the concept of a “haul” because I think it encourages people to get carried away and spend WAY too much on makeup. However, these Black Friday and Cyber Monday purchases accumulate to be enough stuff for a haul. And I did get carried away with those deals (eek!). Read on for my purchases and thoughts this month!

All of these purchases are from Ulta.com, Sokoglam.com, and Colourpop.com. Some of these are restocks while others are exciting new purchases! Regardless, I am pumped about it all.


I’m starting with the top left of these goodies; the OPI All Stars Nail Polish Collection. These adorable little polishes caught my eye as a deal on Ulta and I snatched them up! I haven’t worn any colors except Press * For Silver yet, but OPI never disappoints me. The bottles may be small but the brush is still the perfect size for coating the whole nail. For about $15 this deal is a steal. I never use up the full size polish anyway.


Down below we have the rest of my Ulta purchases. I bought a refill of my Urban Decay Primer Potion because it was half off. I swear by this stuff to keep the shadow in place. I also got one of the winter collection Essie polishes in apres-chic (although I didn’t buy this one myself). This color is a beautiful sparkly metallic silver. I got a Nyx Tres Jolie eyeliner. It is supposed to be gel in a pencil, but either way it stays on your lids like no other. I’m loving it!

For my Colourpop purchases I got an eyeshadow in Central Perk, one of the new gel liners in Over Board, and a Lippie Stix in LBB. All three of these products are super pigmented and superb. You’ve heard me rant enough about Colourpop, but if you haven’t tried them, GO DO IT!


Next up is some skincare, which I actually needed more than the other luxuries. I pretty much get all my skincare from Sokoglam because Korean products are so good! This product is an adorable eye patch that makes you look like a panda and soothes the skin!


Last are a couple of Missha products I love. They were on sale so I snapped them up. First is the Time Revolution First Treatment Essence. I’ve loved this stuff for a long time but couldn’t stomach the price tag. Luckily this spray version is cheaper and the sale helped too! I also snagged a couple essence masks because they feel  so good on the face. If you haven’t tried sheet masks you have to change that! They are so easy to apply and leave you feeling so good.

That’s the end of my haul everyone! I hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts on these products. Look forward to a review on the OPI nail polish colors in a few weeks. Don’t forget to follow me on social media!




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