Tutorial: Holiday Party Makeup


I love special occasions because they allow me to wear exciting themed makeup! This look is great for a Christmas party or holiday evening out with your friends! 


The key components to this look are the Tartlette palette and the Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 01 Always Red. Both are new to my collection and I’m loving them so much!

The eyes for this look will be fairly neutral, with light colors and browns. I’m bringing only one palette home for Christmas and these tarte eyeshadows have the perfect amount of versatility. Some people say they are hard to blend, but I think if you use a light hand they work well and the colors rule! I started with a neutral shadow called Super Mom on the lid and Wanderer in the crease. These are shadows from the bottom row of the palette.

Next up was a deeper color in the crease. I used Multi-tasker from the top row in the palette. I used a liberal hand to blend this out for a smooth look. I also added a bit of mascara to my upper lashes.

Last up was a bit of extra glam with some falsies! I used the Sephora lashes in Astonish for this look. I actually cut the lashes in half because my eyes are smaller and put them in the outer corners.

To finish off the look I added a neutral pink blush and the star of the show; the Sephora stain. This liquid lipstick has amazing staying power. It doesn’t budge against food and drink or accidental touching. It isn’t too drying either! The only thing that took off the lipstick for me was greasy pizza, and that’s exactly the kind of product I want for an all-day Christmas party! Just be careful applying it because it is easy to go outside the lines.

That’s the finished look! I feel just the right amount of festive with the red lipstick and false eyelashes without going over the top. Comment with your favorite holiday lipsticks!


3 thoughts on “Tutorial: Holiday Party Makeup

  1. In my country, it is about to spring festival, thank for your tips. now I am trying to take up Japanese make up. I feel it natural and confident. I want to share for everyone that care about Japanese women take care their skin


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