Review: OPI All Stars Mini Kit


I mentioned back on my Black Friday Haul that I was going to review these adorable nail polishes I got in an OPI kit. I’ve finally had a chance to wear each of them to test and I’m excited to share my thoughts! Read on for the review!

First up is Love is in My Cards. I’d call this a classic red manicure color. I was excited to get my hands on this red because it was a bit darker than my existing color. Unfortunately this color seemed to be the worst to apply for me. I couldn’t get it to look even and it chipped a lot. This might have been my top coat’s problem, but it was still disappointing.

I decided to review Guys & Galaxies and Is This Star Taken? together with an accent nail. I’ve got to say I love these two colors, especially together. I think this combo will be a hit at my holiday parties. It did take about 3 coats to get the darker color opaque if that bothers you. I was most impressed by the sparkly color, because it has a huge amount of glitter but it isn’t chunky to apply at all. I would highly recommend both of these colors.

The last polish here, Press * for Silver, is my favorite in this collection. This metallic rosy silver is ridiculously gorgeous. It barely chipped on me and the color is like no other. If I had to keep just one color from this collection it would be this one for sure.

That’s my review for this collection! I’ve always been impressed with OPI colors and application and I’d say 3/4 great polishes makes this purchase worthwhile. Thanks for reading! Let me know your favorite holiday nail polishes!


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