Review: tarte Tartlette Palette


Now that the holidays are over, I can finally get back to my regular posting schedule! I’m going to review a palette I purchased recently and have been using non-stop. Even though the new Tartlette Bloom just recently came out, I’ve got plenty of love for the original matte eyeshadows! Read on for my review!

The Tartlette palette is 12 matte eyeshadows made of tarte’s patented “Amazonian clay”. The clay is supposed to stay on the eyes longer just like the blushes. Regardless, the mattes in this palette do have nice staying power against my greasy eyelids.


While the formula is nice, it’s the colors that make this palette awesome. They look fairly blasé in the pan, but the horizontal combinations look so beautiful together! The top row is great for a neutral look, the middle is good for a little purply color, and and bottom creates a beautiful smoky eye.


I’ve been wearing this palette almost every day and it was the only one I took with me for the holidays. I never ran out of looks to try and I had ideas for every occasion! I highly recommend this palette for matte lovers and tarte lovers alike!


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