Review & Swatches: Drugstore Haul


I posted a tiny drugstore haul this last week, and I got a few requests to review and swatch the products I purchased! So far there aren’t many disappointments, so I’m excited to share my thoughts after a week of use!

I’m going to start off with a product that isn’t pictured. The day after I shopped at Walgreens and CVS I picked up a pair of falsies from Target. The lashes were Ardell Natural 110 falsies, and I’m totally in love! This is the first pair of falsies that actually look a lot like my natural eyelashes. They also thicken and enhance in the most natural way! If you’re looking for a chill pair of lashes to start with, these are really great because the band is thin and light as well. Check out the pictures below!

Next up is the Loreal 24 hour eye shadow in Amber Rush. I think that this shadow swatches better on my arm than on the eyes. That is pretty unusual, but I just can’t get the pigment to show up as much on my eyes. Regardless, I recommend these shadows for something shiny or sparkly. The other color I own, Smoldering Plum, is way more pigmented, but Amber Rush is still good. Check out the swatch below!

I’m excited to review the Wet n Wild Shimmering Palette because this highlight is gorgeous! It looks very pink and gold in the pan, but the highlight comes out to be very natural and isn’t glittery at all. You also get a ridiculously huge product for the price (compare the size to the Maybelline powder above). Unfortunately, due to the natural look of this highlighter, it is nearly impossible to photograph. I did my best to swatch it on my arm and face below. Look at the tops of my cheeks and tip of my nose for the best swatches.

I’m definitely a big fan of the Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless powder so far! Obviously I didn’t swatch it because the color is translucent, but I did show a finger swatch to let you see how finely milled it is. This powder seems to work just as well as my Neutrogena powder but it goes on much more smoothly. My makeup wasn’t too oily when I took it off at the end of the day (a time of about 14 hours).


Next on the list is the Revlon Matte Balm in Enchanting. This color is such a wonderful nude on me. It mutes out the color on my natural lips but doesn’t make me look dead either. The only issue I have with this product is that it does accentuate lip cracks and dryness and it drys out pretty quickly. Because of these issues, I recommend wearing a gloss on top or adding lots of lip balm underneath. The picture below is me with the lipstick and a pink gloss on top.

The last product I want to review is the Loreal setting spray. I don’t have swatches of this product because setting sprays are translucent, however I do have a review. I am absolutely LOVING this spray. It sets my makeup so well! At the end of a long work day in the city my makeup is almost perfect, and my blush has not been faded by my foundation. I tested it on Friday after about a 14 hour makeup day, and there was only slight creasing on my eyelids. It definitely reduces the amount my eyeshadow creases, and keeps my face makeup looking nice. I also use this directly on a brush to intensify eyeshadow and keep it on my eyes (see the swatch of Amber Rush above). The price tag is annoyingly high on this product, but I still recommend it over higher end brands!

So far my impressions of these products are pretty positive. A few of the products have the typical issues of drugstore products (lack of pigment and wear off time), but I’m still happy with my purchases. Look out for a tutorial with some of these products this Wednesday! Don’t forget to follow me on social media in the side bar!


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