How-To: Applying False Eyelashes


False eyelashes seem to be one of the most terrifying makeup products for many people. I myself was quite intimidated when I used them for the first time. Needless to say, falsies can be complicated, so I decided to make a little beginner’s guide from a very recent beginner! Read on for my tips!


1. To start off, we need a good pair of lashes and some lash glue. Some lashes come with glue in the package, but most cheaper ones do not. For this look I’m using some very natural lashes, the Ardell Natural 110 lashes. I use Duo lash adhesive for all my lashes. It has great staying power, but it does have a rather unpleasant smell in my opinion. Make sure to measure the lashes against your eye and cut off any excess! Most false eyelashes will be much too big for average eyes.


2. The next step is applying glue to the lash band. I use a cotton bud to help me with this process. You don’t want too much glue on the lash or too little. The above picture has a bit too much in my opinion. A nice thin line that is still white is what I like. Now let the glue dry for maybe 15-30 seconds. If you need to test it, touch the glue and wait until it is a bit tacky, but not wet or dry.

3. After this step, you want to apply the lash to your eye. Gently lower the lash onto your lower eyelid and upper eyelash. Aim for the middle to be in the right place; as close to the lashes as possible. Once you set the lash, quickly move the outside edges down into the correct place. Hold the lashes together between your fingers for a few seconds to help the adhesive stick well.

4. You can see the difference between my false eyelash eye and my regular one above. After applying the lashes to your other eye, wait for the glue to dry completely and check how the lashes look. If they aren’t perfect, that’s ok! I usually have to fix mine by either thickening my eyeliner line to cover the band or coloring in any parts of the glue that didn’t dry clear. This type of fixing is why I find that liquid eyeliner is great to wear with false eyelashes.

If you’re still having trouble with falsies, practice makes perfect! I usually attempt this look when I have plenty of time to restart! There’s nothing wrong with peeling the lashes off and gluing them on again. I also like to cut lash bands in half sometimes and to put them only in the outer corners. This method is much easier than using a whole lash band! Check out my finished look below!





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