The Look: Airport Travel Day


Hi everyone! In case you didn’t notice, I updated my theme and layout recently. I’m totally loving the new look and I’m going to continue making this blog better this month! For today’s post, I’m showing off my usual look for airplane travel and running around airports. I love to travel, and this look has never failed me! Read on for more!

A good airport makeup look is very natural in my opinion. The Naked2 Basics palette is perfect for such a natural look because it is full of simple mattes.


I used Skimp as my eyeshadow base because it has a bit of a shimmer. I used Cover to create a shadow in the crease, and finally made a small wing with Undone. Next up was a layer of mascara and filling in my eyebrows with my regular NYX set. I finished off the look with a solid base and a bit of blush. It is a personal rule of mine to never wear lipstick on the plane. My lips are already dry in planes and I just don’t like to try too hard. I did pack my Viva Glam V in my purse in case I wanted to doll up when meeting friends.

For my clothes I always go with comfortable jeans and a loose tee to start. You never want to be uncomfortable on a plane, and pants keep you warm as well. I usually layer on a cardigan or chambray shirt and a light jacket. I was traveling from Chicago to Seattle, so layers are always smart to predict weather. It turns out that is was a smart idea, because I got hot in Seattle right away! Finally, I wear shoes that are easy to take on and off, for those of us using American security systems. Don’t forget to forgo metal jewelry or large scarves!


I hope this look is helpful for those of you who love to travel! I can’t keep myself in one place with all my friends in different states, so I’m going to use this look a lot! Comment with your favorite airplane travel look! Don’t forget to follow me on social media on the about page!



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