My Lipstick Collection: Pinks


As springtime approaches, I thought it would be a good time to showcase my vidid pink lipsticks. I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer and the flowers to start growing in the next couple of weeks. Read on for some beautiful pinks that I love to wear in all seasons!

My first color is my lightest not-nude pink. This is the NYX butter lipstick in the color Little Susie. I bought this color on a whim because of an inside joke with two of my friends (one of whom was nicknamed Little Susie). Turns, out it is a beautiful light color that is great for spring! The finish is smooth and a little glossy.

This color is my most bright and vivid pink. It is a MAC lipstick called Candy Yum-Yum. The name is a bit silly, but this Barbie Doll pink is a wonderful color for summer and bright beach days. It also stays on for an extremely long time.

Next up is a little sample of an Urban Decay lipstick called Jilted. I love this lipstick for all seasons because it really flatters my complexion. It’s a pink with a shiny blue tone. The color is really unique, and the lipstick is creamy and super pigmented.

The next color is a Revlon lipstick in Cherries in the Snow. This color is similar to the one above, but is has no shine or luster. The raspberry color is extremely beautiful on the lips, and this lipstick has easily become one of my most used spring colors! You can see in the arm swatch that this color has a smoother application as well.

This dusty dark pink in a lipstick I got from my mom. It’s a Lancome lipstick called All Done Up. I do love the darker color of this for the winter and evenings, but I think the texture is a little sticky. Maybe the lipstick is just old, but it tugs on my lips a bit too much. I like it, but I might not buy it again myself.

Last up is my darkest pink. I reserve this lipstick for evening looks, smoky eyes, and the winter. It’s the Colourpop Lippie Stick in LBB. The pigmentation on this lipstick is awesome, and it has a great feeling. I recommend Colourpop products for their price and quality!


Here are the swatches in the light. I went from left to right in this photo. I hope you liked this pink lipstick collection post! Comment below with your favorite pink lipsticks for spring!


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