My Makeup Storage


Today’s post is all about that part of makeup we tend to forget: how it is stored! I try to get rid of makeup I don’t need or like quite often, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a huge problem storing it properly! As a complete neat freak, I am all about right angles and everything having its place. Read on to check out my organization method!

We’ll start with the largest drawer in my bathroom, as shown above.  I have my own large bathroom for once, so I can devote an entire drawer to my makeup and beauty products. We’ll start with the left side.


The left side of my drawer holds my palettes. I only have 4 large ones thankfully, and they are stacked at the bottom. I put the largest ones on the bottom for convenience. There are a few drugstore mascaras and falsies in the space above my palettes for easy reach. The top of the drawer holds a box with all my eyeliners. I got this cute little box at La Vanille in the French Market. It used to have macarons in it, and I just couldn’t throw it away! Behind those eyeliners are extra makeup bags for travel, with mini skincare products next to them. Finally, the cute Vera Bradley eyeglasses box next to my palettes contains my eyebrow products and most used eyeliner. It is great for a quick trip!


The right side of my drawer uses a little $1 school supply organizer I got from Target to contain miscellaneous mini palettes, singles, and sharpeners. The top section keeps my blushes all together and a few perfumes. Finally, my other falsies sit on the side of the drawer.


The next section is my drawer from a beautiful black jewelry box! The left side (top in this picture) has my foundations, concealers, and primers. The middle section is for large powders, highlighters, and a large mascara sample. I also keep my cotton swabs there for quick touch ups. The right side of the drawer is where I keep small mascara samples, more mini palettes, and single shadows that are round. Really I just put anything that fits well in this section! We all know how that goes with organization.

Finally, I’ll show off my lipstick storage. I used another cheap school supply container to store my regular sized lipsticks. 4 thin tubes will fit in each small compartment, which keeps me from buying too many at once too! I try to keep only one plastic container at a time. My current nail polish also sits on the left hand side for convenience.

The right side is my taller lipsticks, pencils, and lip liners. I just used a pencil cup to store these products in a more simple way. I stand them bottom up so I can see the colors I am choosing really quickly.

That’s my tour of my makeup storage! I like to think I’m a sort of an organization guru among my friends, so I hope this showcase can help you all come up with ideas too! Thanks for reading!



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