Review: It Cosmetics CC Cream


Hello everyone, and Happy Easter to those who celebrate! Today I’ve got a foundation/CC Cream review of a product I’ve been using about a month. The full title of this product is a mouthful, so I’ll just call it the It Cosmetics CC Cream. You can see on the tube that this product has quite a few boastful statements in the title. Read on to see whether I agree with these claims!

I bought this product in the color Fair, and it has definitely worked out for my pale complexion. The consistency is more on the liquid side, like the “serum” part of the title. I’m also happy that this product has SPF. I’m not a fan of non-SPF  foundations because I love to protect my skin. I started off with a picture of my bare face for comparison.


I don’t have too many blemishes today, but my undereye circles are a bit intense. Go to sleep on time kids! To apply this product, I pump a pea-sized amount on my hand. You definitely don’t need more than that. I dot the CC cream around my face and use my hands to blend it in. The product is very full coverage for the consistency, and it does wonders to even out the skintone and red spots. See below for the difference!


This picture does not include concealer, but the evening of my skin is definitely shown! I’m really enjoying this product so far, and I’m going to continue using it. I’ll list out the pros and cons below:


  • Full coverage
  • High SPF
  • Evens tone
  • Liquid consistency


  • Strong citrus smell
  • Expensive price tag ($38)
  • Doesn’t function as “serum”
  • Needs more color options

As for the cons, if you are looking for an affordable option this is NOT it. I recommend the Garnier BB cream or Maybelline BB cream for affordable summer bases. There is also a rather strong smell right before applying. This product does contain citrus, so if you have sensitive skin it won’t be the best. My skin has been fine however. It also hasn’t improved my skin noticeably like a serum, which they claim on the tube.

I still recommend this CC cream for an easy option that smooths well. If you can afford it and the colors match, I say go for it!


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