Tutorial: Bright Orange Lips


Hi all! Springtime is officially here (jk it snowed in Chicago yesterday), but I am stubbornly posting this bright lip tutorial anyway. I was told by a friend of mine that she was afraid to wear orange lipstick. I understand this feeling because it is quite crazy. Here’s my tutorial for an orange lip look that will look great at any event!

The main products I used for this tutorial are a little Clinique duo I have and the Sephora cream lip stain in the color Mandarin Muse. For the eye makeup, I think the key is just to use warmer or bronze colors to go with the orange.


I started with my regular base of foundation, concealer, and brows. I have a lovely giant zit on my face, so I did my best to cover it up.


Next up, I put the shimmery amber color in the Clinique duo all over my lid. It has a nice shimmer which I love in the summer days. Next up, I added the bronze in the crease. I was quite sloppy with the application because I was just trying to create a warmer color. This copper color almost passes for brown, so it is nice and neutral.

Next, I added a small winged liner with black eyeliner. I think that a bold black line is the best way to offset an intense lipstick. This orange is almost neon, so that black really brings the whole face to the same level as the lips.

For my face, I used plenty of bronzer and a dash of blush to create the warmer look again. I was trying to avoid my face being so pale and contrasted with the orange. If you don’t like bronzer, a nice flush of blush will work as well. What is most important is to balance the eyes and intensity of the lips.

Finally, I put on the lipstick. This color doesn’t apply quite as nicely as the red lip stain I bought, so it took a couple coats. I also recommend the color Siren in the Revlon lipsticks for a more subtle and affordable option.

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope this tutorial helps you with your fear of the bold orange! I recommend this look for sunny days or beach trips. It is a great way to prepare for summer.



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