4 Easy Ways To Improve Your Skin


Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t too hard to make your skin better. While I may be blessed with fairly clear skin (and some nice pill-based hormones help out with that), I have definitely improved it in the past couple years. If you’re interested in a more comprehensive skin routine guide, check out my post here! Stay tuned for a couple simple tips to greatly improve the condition of your skin!


1. Toner: Toner is one of the products that most people don’t now about. This product is usually used to prepare your skin to better absorb the rest of the stuff in your routine. It also balances the pH of your skin, which is great for people who live in the city and are exposed to a lot of pollution. Using this product from Benton (which is alcohol free) has greatly improved my skin. It helps me absorb moisturizer and the BHA has helped with my sun damage spots. At about $15, this product is really great as a starter!


2. Double Cleanse: Double cleansing is popular in Korea, and it has done wonders for my skin! When you double cleanse, you usually use an oil based cleanser and then a foaming one. The oil cleanser is key, especially for someone like me who uses a lot of makeup. The oil removes tough dirt and makeup, and the foam finishes the job. I recommend this rice water oil cleanser because it is light and feels good on the face. Don’t worry if you have oily skin, adding extra oil won’t cause problems. In fact, adding oil and moisture often reduces oil on the skin and is very healthy!


3. Masks: Special products like masks can really do wonders for your skin. If you pop a mask on at least once a week, you can target specific problems like firmness or sun damage. I also find that this little bit of pampering can make you feel relaxed and special. I highly recommend sheet masks for easy cleanup. You can buy a whole pack from The Face Shop for about $15.


4. SUNSCREEN! My last tip is the most important. ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN! This is critical for your whole body, but especially for the face. The easiest way to keep your skin happy and healthy is to wear sunscreen each day. I recommend SPF 30+, but 15 or so is ok too. This prevents sun spots or sunburns and peeling. Make sure to reapply on hot days as well! I use this Neutrogena moisturizer and sunscreen before I put on my makeup every day.

I hope these simple skin tips helped you out! A lot can be said for plenty of water as well. Water moisturizes your skin from the inside! Let me know what your favorite skin tips are. Thanks for reading!


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