Review: Batiste Dry Shampoo


Hey all! Today’s post is a review of a product that has been a real lifesaver for me lately. I’ve never been much of a dry shampoo fan, but this Batiste product is really awesome for someone on the go! Read on for my review of this time saver.

The shampoo I purchased is the one for dark brown and black hair. The only difference here is that the brown hair dry shampoo has a bit of a tint to it. This prevents that white dusty look from spraying dry shampoo on your roots. As you see below, I have an example of my greasy hair from several angles. I left is purposely gross for this review, so don’t judge me!

As you can see, my hair gets very greasy at the roots and can look piecey when I don’t wash it the night before. Because my hair is so short, I usually wash it every day, but with a busy schedule, sometimes I’m just too tired. That’s when the dry shampoo does the trick! I just spray the shampoo into my roots and comb it through the hair. See the results below!

As you can see, the grease is virtually gone, and my hair looks like I just had a shower! I think this product works really well to add texture to short hair as well. It leaves a very matte finish if you use too much, so if you want shine be careful. Here are my pros and cons:


  • Cheap price ($6 at Target)
  • Removes grease from hair effectively
  • Adds texture to limp hair


  • Aerosol
  • Tint can get EVERYWHERE

I still think this product has more pros than cons, but my biggest issue is that tint in the shampoo. It usually gets all over my fingers, and sometimes on my mirror. It washes out easily, but this might bother some people. I also don’t recommend this tinted product for lighter hair because it will look unnatural.

I highly recommend this product to occasional shower skippers like me (and habitual shower skippers. No judgement here!). It is great for a hair refresh in the morning!



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