Jewelry Collection & Storage


Happy Wednesday! Today’s post is all about organization again. I’m really awesome at staying neat, so I thought I’d show off my jewelry storage and collection! Read on to see how I keep my jewelry in order.

As you can see above, I have a really nice jewelry chest that was given to me for college graduation. I love items like this because they have a lot of compartments and little nooks. I store some of my makeup in here too, as you can see in my makeup storage post! I use the top part of the chest to store rings, headbands, and bracelets. Bracelets and rings are some of my least used jewelry, so I don’t have too many. As you can see, I have a weakness for anything with jade or turquoise colors.


The mirror portion of my jewelry chest opens up into a secret compartment (which the Harry Potter fan in me LOVES). I hung some of my lesser used necklaces in this area. Some of them were gifts, had shorter chains, or are only for special occasions. I store the necklace pendants in the elastic bag-type area to keep them from getting tangled.


I put my most used necklaces in the bottom drawer. These necklaces are also a bit long to store in the top. I have statement necklaces on the right side and large pendants on the left. My two most used necklaces are the elephant pendant and the blue triangle necklace. I’ve had the elephant since at least high school, and it is my favorite way to jazz up a boring neckline. The triangle necklace was given to me by my friend to represent the Triforce from Legend of Zelda. It is so simple and pretty that i wear it all the time!


Next up is my earring storage. This little wire hanger was probably from Claire’s, and I had it a long time before I pierced my ears. I was a late bloomer and waited until I was 17 to get my ears pierced, but that didn’t slow down my collection. I have these earrings organized by metal and color. The cuffs are lined up along the top. The smaller earrings are on this earring rack.

I have a cute little dish that my sister gave me where I store the earrings I just removed and other tidbits. My other earring holder is just a piece of felt (thanks for the idea mom!). I have this on my bulletin board with all the larger pieces and dangly earrings. I’m always trying to get rid of and organize my earrings, and I might need a cleanup again soon!

Two of my favorite earrings are these diamond shaped ones that I bought recently and my chain cuff. The diamonds are very unique and noticeable. I get a lot of compliments on them! I love my chain cuff because it adds a bit of badassery. Having a bad day? Add this chain cuff and feel like a complete boss!

Thanks for checking out my jewelry storage and collection! Let me know how you like to store your accessories in the comments below.


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