Tutorial: Bright Peacock Eyeliner


Hey everyone! It’s a been a little while since my last post, but I’m back again with a fun spring tutorial! I recently got a new job at a hair salon, which has kept me busy, but it also gives me a chance to wear cute makeup! Read on for a fun tutorial with bright eyeliner colors.

I think of this look as a “peacock” inspired color scheme. My sister once suggested that I go as a peacock for a Halloween party. The costume didn’t turn out, but this look became a fun piece of my arsenal!

I used three bright eyeliners for this look. After putting on my foundation and eye primer, I started with a turquoise eyeliner on my top lids. I winged it out a bit for a cat-eye look. The eyeliner I used is the Stila liquid eyeliner in teal. I don’t highly recommend this particular eyeliner because it is pretty watery. It took a lot of layering to get the color I wanted. Maybe I just got a bad batch, but I prefer the Kat Von D bright eyeliners instead.

I picked purple as my next peacock color. I used the Rimmel ScandalEyes Eyeliner in purple. These eyeliners are super pigmented and stay on well. They are awesome for a fairly cheap price! I layered this one on in my waterline and along the bottom lashes.

The last part was a bit of green in the inner corners. I used a shimmery lime green eyeliner that I got from Nyx as a sample. Anything with a bit of glitter makes a wonderful highlighter for the inner corner of the eye. I finished off with mascara and a bit of blush.

I thought this bolder look deserved a neutral lip, so I used the Ofra liquid lipstick in Sao Paulo. This peacock look could be made bolder with a bright lip or similar colored eyeshadow, or toned down with fewer colors. I love it for a sunny spring day! I hope you enjoyed this look. See you next time!


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