The Look: Chilling at Home


Hey everyone! Usually my looks are focused on glam events or going out on the town. This time I decided to take a step back and focus on something a bit different. Today’s  look is for a day where you might just be staying at home, or having a movie party with friends. If I was just staying at home by myself, I wouldn’t wear any makeup, but this look is based on seeing friends and wanting to step it up a bit. Read on for more!

This look is built for ease and comfort. I wanted to look like I’m wearing a bit of makeup while still being comfortable for a chill day at home.


For my eyes I decided to go with one color, the Loreal 24 hour infallible eye shadow in Amber Rush. It has a subtle shine that goes a long way on its own. Next I used my go-to brown eyeliner, MAC’s Costa Riche, on my lash line. A few coats of mascara finished off this easy eye look.


I used a light layer of foundation on my face and a little bit of natural blush. I reduced my eyebrow routine to just the NYX brow mascara to make the whole process more simple. I also decided to forgo the lipstick because I hate wearing lipstick when I’m just hanging at home. It definitely looks too intense for this kind of look in my opinion.


My outfit is where “comfort” comes into play the most. I wore simple athletic shorts and a t-shirt, which is an optimal outfit for watching TV or playing video games. I did choose one of my nicer shirts in line with the concept that someone might come over and hang out. I also pulled my hair back in a headband so I wouldn’t have to worry about it at all.

This look is extremely simple and helpful if you are struggling for what to wear in a casual hangout situation. The most important thing is to feel comfortable in your own skin. No one wants to worry about their appearance on a relaxing day! So go with you gut and hang out the way you want! Thanks for reading, see you next time!


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