Look of the Month: August 2016


It’s hard to believe that August is almost over and the fall is about it begin! It’s been one busy and crazy summer, and I’m excited to get back into my routine with posts on the blog. I’m prewriting a few posts for you guys since I’m moving next week (yay!) and I’m going to be busy. Today’s post is all about a look I wore a ton in August.

I definitely toned things down in August after July’s glam look. Since August is both extremely hot and cooler depending on the time, I went for a laid back neutral look. I used the Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette for my eye makeup.


I used the middle row of the palette for my makeup. I started by brushing Silk Teddy all over my entire lid as a sort of base. Next, I pressed the color Push-up onto my mobile lid until it was a bit shimmery. I finished off the look with Erotica in my outer corners. I blended the dark color into my crease to add dimension. I dabbed a bit more of Silk Teddy in my inner corners and finished off with a layer of mascara.


I used my Clinique Matte Foundation for this look. I have been getting a little oily and sweaty at the end of this summer, and the matte foundation locks that down. I applied a neutral pink blush with Clinique’s Cupid, and finished with a layer of lip gloss. I really love this Nyx Butter gloss in Creme Brulee. It is a perfect pink and doesn’t get too sticky.


I wore this look to a slow day at work on Sunday, so I wanted my clothes to be presentable yet comfortable. The print shirt gives the outfit a pop of pattern to go with the simple jeans. I also added a warm cardigan because it gets cold in my workplace.

This look is a great reaction to my previous glam look, because August has been a chill month. As I prepare for my move, I’m going for simple looks that don’t require a lot of products. I’m sure the fall colors are going to bust out as we move on into September!


6 thoughts on “Look of the Month: August 2016

    • Thanks Anne! I love my dresser too. I’m gonna miss it when I have to get a new one lol. I really like the palette! It’s great for someone like us who has many bigger palettes because it is simple and great for travel. The shadows don’t have quite the wear time of like Urban Decay, but I still love them. That’s why I still want the Peach Palette!


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