Tutorial: Bayonetta 2 Look


Hey everyone! It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a nerdy makeup tutorial (or any post for that matter. Moving is crazy!). I really enjoyed the look I did for Zelda back in February, and I was again inspired by a bamf video game character. If you’re a fan of the Bayonetta series I hope you enjoy this look inspired by the hair-weilding witch in her sequel game!

Bayonetta is kind of a controversial figure to some gamers, especially feminists like myself. She’s pretty sexualized and a bit out there and ridiculous. But, I still really like her as a character because she is independent, confident, and complex. I honed in on the second game because I really noticed her makeup in that one (I’m such a weirdo haha) and she has a pixie cut like me! Below are some of the reference pictures I used.

Bayonetta’s face has a less angular and stylized look than Zelda in my opinion. So I didn’t go as ham with straight lines and false eyelashes. I started with a basic layer of foundation because her face has no blemishes and it very clean looking. I also love that she has a beauty mark to show off, just like me!


Next up was the eyebrows. Bayonetta has well-defined eyebrows that are more smooth and rounded. I still filled in my brows more than usual and drew straight lines connecting the top and bottom. She is a video game character, so her brows are more intense than my daily look.


As you can see in the pictures, Bayonetta has a fairly dark purple and grey eye look. I used the tarte Tartelette palette to create the eyeshadow. I tried using the darkest purple color, Bombshell, on my whole lid. Unfortunately, I found this color a bit patchy, which is why you can see some lack of opacity in the crease. I fixed this in later steps.

Next I used the color Best Friend to blend out the creases. This color definitely helped me blend out the patches and the warmness helps blend out the entire look.

The next step was to deepen the look to that Bayonetta smoky effect. I used the black color Fashionista and blended it in to the outer corners. I also used the shadow to draw a dramatic winged liner. It’s clear to me that Bayonetta has a winged liner look, but it isn’t super straight like a liquid eyeliner. This is why I used shadow instead.

The next step was to blend black eyeliner into the lower lashline. You can see in the pictures that Bayonetta has a soft line on her lower lid as well, so I used Fashionista again in this section.

The final step was some mascara to add a little volume to the look.

My favorite thing about the second Bayonetta game is her beautiful pinky-purple lipstick color. It was really refreshing from the first game’s neutral look. I used the Revlon Balm Stain in Crush for the shiny look. Then I decided it was too pink, so I put the Revlon lipstick in Mauvy Night over the top.

I had so much fun donning my black shirt and creating this look! It’s especially cool to put on my glasses and channel the Umbra witch look. Let me know in the comments below if you enjoyed this nerdy tutorial! I also hope you liked the lighting adjustments. The lighting should be much better in my photos from now on. Thanks for reading!



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