Bedroom & Vanity Tour 2016


Hey all! I’ve finally settled into my new apartment which means it’s time for a room tour as promised! I took some photos of my room from different angles to show it off. It still looks a bit barren because I’m not finished decorating, but this is the main look for now. Read on for more details!

The picture above is what you can see from the door of my bedroom. I like a white duvet because it looks really clean and gives you room to use brightly colored pillows. The shelf on the left is currently my dresser while I save up for a bigger one. It doubles as a nightstand as well. I decided to hang my Harry and the Potters poster right above my bed to create a sort of faux headboard and fill up the space behind my pillows.


Next up is my bookshelf, where most of my chachkies and nerdtastic collectibles sit. A lot of my physical books are still at my parents’ house, so I’ll eventually shift things around and make more room for them. As of now I have just two shelves of books. The third shelf holds most of my Star Wars stuff (completely obsessed!) and some extra photos. The fourth shelf is dedicated to video game art books and figures. Finally, the bottom shelf holds my jewelry box (former home of my makeup) and some tools. I really like this shelf because it adds some color and personality to my room!


Next up is a view into my closet. I might do a more detailed tour later, but as of now I have clothes hanging in the middle and jeans folded on the top shelf. I have plenty of room on the left side of the closet for the rest of the shoes around the perimeter. This closet appears much smaller than it is, which is great because I have way too many clothes!


My desk is my work center in the room. I keep my computer, important photos, and writing utensils on the top. I like to keep this desk as clean as possible at all times so I can use it easily. It might look like I’m a badass who stands at my desk. Don’t worry, I’m definitely not this healthy haha. I actually use the same chair for my desk and vanity. They are right next to each other on perpendicular walls, so i just shift the chair back and forth. I keep 3DS games on the first shelf of the desk for easy reach (check out my awesome Legend of Zelda 3DS bag!). The bottom shelf holds my nail polish collection. I like to be able to see them from above to pick out colors.


The final part of my bedroom (and the most exciting part!) is my vanity. Note our pretty courtyard outside too! I faced my vanity toward the window so I could use natural light to do my makeup in the morning. The right side holds my lipstick container. To the left is my cup of taller lip products and my earring holder. The little “K” plate is a beautiful jewelry holder from my sister (Thanks bae!). I love to put the earrings I wore that day on the dish. The left side of the vanity has my makeup brushes, wet wipes for cleaning up messes, and setting spray.


This photo is the inside of the left hand drawer of my vanity. I keep all liquid makeup (foundations, primers, concealer) in this drawer. I also keep highlighters and powder in this section. Basically anything that has to do with face makeup is in this drawer. I also have my portable makeup brush holder, nail kit, and extra jewelry box in the back.


The final area of my tour is the inner compartment of the vanity. The mirror folds up on this side. I keep my eyeshadow palettes on the right side in a sort of disorganized Tetris arrangement. My box of eyeliner pencils is on the right. The back compartment has my brow products, false eyelashes (in that cute mint container from Daiso!), and extra blushes and bronzers. The front section has my individual eyeshadows and blushes in the back and mascaras in the front. I don’t actually keep my sponge in that section anymore because I found it doesn’t dry fast enough in the dark. It got moldy and I had to throw it away sob!

I hope you enjoyed my room and vanity tour! I’m really proud of the way my room is set up with equal portions of pretty things and extreme nerd items! Having a vanity has also been really awesome since my makeup is all in one organized place. Let me know which part of my room you liked best! Thanks for reading!


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