Review: Colourpop Haul Oct. 2016


Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve done a review (a symptom of having no money for new makeup sob) and I have a fun one for you today! Most of you know that I am a big fan of the cult favorite brand Colourpop. The products are extremely cheap for the quality, and so far I have liked almost all of them! This time I tried an Ultra Satin Lip as well. Read on for my take!

The first product I purchased was a Super Shock Shadow in Partridge ($5). I picked the pearlized finish because I usually like the application a bit more than the matte shades. It is the color on the left in my swatch. When I purchased it I expected it to be more of a purple color. However, it ended up being an even more beautiful brown color with iridescent shimmer! I love the shimmer on this color. The more you pack on, the more you can see green and gold in the color. It is the perfect fall neutral and looks nice by itself as seen below! I highly recommend this color for people with green eyes like mine.

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The second product I tried was a new one for me, the Ultra Satin Lip. As you might know from my Liquid Lipstick Collection post, my least favorite Colourpop product is the Ultra Matte Lip. I find the formula really drying and watery. It is REALLY difficult to apply for me personally. I was nervous that the Ultra Satin lip wouldn’t be a favorite of mine either. I was totally wrong! I LOVE this liquid lipstick. It might be a problem for some people because it does transfer onto cups or objects. However, the color doesn’t leave your lips for a very long time despite this fact.

The color I bought is called Calypso, and it is part of the fall collection on Colourpop. It comes off as a slightly deeper My Lips But Better shade. I felt like it totally matched my lips, but it dries to a color that is just a bit more Fall-like. These Satin lippies are SO easy to apply. They have a mousse-like texture. They are also comfortable all day and I didn’t have to reapply after a 7-hour day at work. They only come off more if you eat something messy. So this product is a definite hit for me. I prefer it over the matte lips 100%, and I will totally be purchasing more at a $6 price tag!

This concludes my review of a few Fall Colourpop products! I highly recommend you try this brand if you haven’t yet. The prices are pretty darn amazing, and my success rate has been pretty good. They have international shipping now too! Thanks for reading!


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