How to Have a Self-Care Day


Hey guys! Today’s post is not about getting glam like usual. Instead I thought I would share the ways I like to relax and take care of myself on a day off. It’s important to slow down every once and a while and consider what you need for yourself, whether that is a break from social media or a pedicure. November was a bit of a rough month for me, and these techniques helped me feel so much better! Read on for my ideal self-care day!

The main way I take care of myself is to get absorbed in some casual reading. I prefer Glamour magazine to others because it has a pretty stead feminist tone. It appreciates women from all walks of life and isn’t too focused on being skinny or “perfect looking”. The magazine also has fun trends in makeup and fashion that inspire me. Not to mention, they have been making a good effort to include diversity in their models and ads!

I think the best thing to drink on a cold day is a cup of tea. I prefer chai or English breakfast because the flavors are fairly mild. I love to warm up a cup of tea, set it next to my magazine and paint my nails. Some people get stressed about painting their nails, but I find is super therapeutic. It might be because I’m actually fairly decent at painting them and because it is a subtly artistic and creative action. Just like makeup!


When you have some extra time I highly recommend going all out and treating yourself to a little spa day! I used a Lush bath bomb to take a bath and added a sheet mask. I always love busting out the red ginseng mask when my skin (and brain) are stressed out. I filled up the tub and wore the mask during the bath to be extra relaxed.

It might be wise to do your sheet mask at home alone because they look so freaky on your face haha! I spent the rest of this day watching Battlestar Galactica on Hulu (I know it’s a weird comfort show, but what can I say: I’m a nerd) and taking a nap. I also recommend doing an adult coloring book, reading a novel, or meditating.

Remember, everyone’s form of self-care looks different. It’s important to make sure you feel relaxed and aren’t pressuring yourself. All of the things I did are ways to physically relax, because that is how I get mentally healthy, but your self-care could even be journaling or sitting with your own thoughts in the quiet. Just make sure you don’t neglect yourself in these hard times! I find that a sheet mask and magazine are the most cost effective way for me to chill out (most masks cool your face too!). Let me know what your best self-care strategies are in the comments!



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