Review: Empty Products Jan. 2017


Hey everyone! I’m back again with some empty products that I used up between December and January. This time I have a few hair products to add into the mix now that I’ve been coloring mine fairly regularly. Read on for my reviews!


The first product is something that is PERFECT for lazy hair color people like me. I might get my color done for free, but I don’t get it touched up super often. The main reason I can get away with that is this product; the Revlon Nutri Color Creme. I use the color 556 Mahogany. This is a conditioner that has color in it. You wear it about 5 minutes in the shower (while you jam to a couple Kpop songs), and then wash it out. The conditioner makes you hair soft, adds shine, and enhances the color that might have faded over time. It extends wear for a super long time which is GREAT.

I also used up two mascaras in the past month. I find that using up mascara is the most difficult, cause that stuff lasts forever. I used up the Revlon Volume + Length mascara at the beginning of December. Honestly I wasn’t too impressed with this mascara. The only reason I used it up instead of throwing it out is because it got dry and chunky WAY too fast. I also think the results of the mascara aren’t that impressive. Other drugstore mascaras are much more impressive. I also used up a mini version of the Clinique High Impact mascara. I really enjoy this product personally. The results aren’t super dramatic, but the volume is definitely noticeable. I like these little mini mascaras because it is a great way to try something out without having to use it forever. I’d suggest picking one up as a Sephora reward or in a Clinique gift!


The Clinique Stay-Matte Oil-Free Makeup is something I’m super proud of finishing. When you have a lot of foundations it can be difficult to finish a tube. This one lasted me about 3 years! I use the color Alabaster (cause I am the color of a dead zombie) and I find that the mattifying properties are pretty impressive. I also love Clinique products because they are unscented which helps with my MANY MANY allergies. The only downside to this product is that it can oxidize if you over-apply, but otherwise I will definitely repurchase it!

I also finished a daily staple, the Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer with SPF 35. I use this moisturizer every morning. It has a light feel and a minimal scent. I also like to apply SPF every day to help my skin. The number one way to keep skin naturally beautiful and keep away age spots is to wear sunscreen. My number one tip always is TO WEAR SUNSCREEN. So I apply this liberally every day. It keeps my skin healthy and keeps that too-white “glows in the dark” look.

The last product I used was the ColorProof SuperPlump conditioner. This is a brand sold in my salon. The superplump line is for volume, and I definitely like the effect this conditioner has. It does extend the life of my hair color quite a bit. The big negative is the smell. The conditioner smells straight-up like cake frosting. Do I mind this smell? No. But many people I work with HATE it. So do with that information what you will.

Thanks for reading my empty product reviews! I’ve got some new tutorials in the works as well. Check out my instagram for regular posts as well:


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