The Look: Sailor Moon


Hey everyone, I know it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post (3 months to be exact), but I’ve been having a bit of writer’s block and some stuff going on in my personal life so it’s been tough. But I’m finally ready to get back to my blog! I’m also going to start adding in some more lengthy and wordy posts in the future because I miss just writing for the sake of writing. Hopefully you’ll like the new content! If you’re curious about where this blog is heading, check out my twitter, because I’m trying to create that authenticity on here as well.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, I totally lied to you and said I was posting this look months ago, but it’s finally here! Anyone who has been following me for a while knows how much I love anime and nerd culture. I especially love creating looks inspired by my favorite characters, like my Sailor Jupiter look and my Bayonetta look. This time I decided to pursue another sailor soldier, the titular Sailor Moon.

I think a lot of people don’t love Usagi as much as the other soldiers (I’m guilty of this as well), but she is actually a pretty fun character. In the Japanese versions especially, Usagi is a carefree middle schooler who’s main quality is being kind and caring to all her friends. And I really love that part of her! This look is inspired by both the colors of Sailor Moon’s trademark outfit and the qualities of the typical “anime look”

sailor moon face

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I wanted my makeup to channel those big anime eyes, long eyelashes, and a simple youthful look. I started off with my regular base of foundation, concealer, and my eyebrows to create a good palette to work with. (see the photo below for what I used).

Next up was a winged eyeliner. I find that a winged look is the best way to imitate the line of eyelashes an anime girl is drawn with. Plus, it always opens up my eyes a bit. You can see my finished eye on the left side and my work-in-progress eye on the right!


Next up was a set of false eyelashes. I find that falsies are perfect for creating an anime-inspired look because these girls have crazy-long lashes. I first applied mascara and let it dry. This process gives you a good base for the false lashes. I like to use a set of lashes that I cut in half for easier application. A concentration of lashes on the outer edges is usually just as effective.

The final step to finish the eyes was to add the mascara on my lower lashes. I don’t do this very often because it leads to a lot more smudging, but it works really well for a wide-eyed look. Usagi has no shortage of eyelashes, so I wanted to emphasize mine. I also used a Rimmel eyeliner in a nude color on my waterline to widen my eyes.


I wanted to tie this whole look together with a red lipstick because red is one of the major colors used in Sailor Moon’s outfit. I added a bit of blush to finish up the makeup part of this look.

With the makeup look complete I moved on to my outfit. I wanted all the colors to channel sailor moon, so I mostly used red, white, and blue. I first used a leather bracelet to add some red and gold. I also wore a white shirt like Sailor Moon does, but tied a blue sweater around my hips to give me that blue skirt look. Finally I put on a gold necklace to imitate the gold accessories she uses.

sailor moon outfit

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Thanks for reading my Sailor Moon look! There’s nothing I love more than channeling a fun character or theme (see my Fourth of July Instagram post)! I hope to do some more Sailor Soldier color looks in the future as well.


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