How To: Fill in Your Brows 3 Ways


Hey everyone! I recently had a few friends request a post on doing your eyebrows. I already wrote a post about the way I most often do my eyebrows here, but this post is more about giving newbies options and details on various methods for doing your eyebrows. My method isn’t right for everyone, so I decided to branch out a bit. Read on for more!

METHOD 1: Powder/Eyeshadow


One of the easiest methods for doing your brows is with an eyeshadow or brow powder. This method is great for beginners because it is easy and doesn’t take much precision. It is also more helpful if you have a solid brow line to start with. The picture above shows my left brow done and my right pre-powder.

In order to apply the powder successfully you need a stiff angled brush. I used one by Real Techniques. Dip the brush in the powder and apply in hair-like strokes within your brow lines. Make sure you use a matte powder that is close to your brow color to get the most natural look. This method is going to give you a bolder and more “filled-in” look for your brows. See the product I used in the caption below.



METHOD 2: Eyebrow Pencil


An eyebrow pencil is my preferred method of doing my eyebrows because it gives you more precision when it comes to shape and looks a bit more natural. I recommend the brow pencil for people who are more confident with their makeup skills because they are sometimes quite pigmented and can look crazy pretty fast.

I start with the brow pencil by filling in the sparse parts of my brows in the inner sections. Use short strokes that looks like hairs. I then usually draw a line using short strokes along the bottom edge and top edge to get a more angled and striking look. Finally, I recommend a pencil like mine with a little brush one end. Run this brush through your brows to get all the hairs going the same way and to smudge any harsh edges.




METHOD 3: Brow Gel


I recommend the brow gel method for people who are looking for a much more natural look that is a bit messy (think Cara Delevingne’s caterpillar brow look). The gel method is also the easiest and least time-consuming way to do your brows. It’s great for people who wear minimal makeup.

I prefer gel that applies like mascara. The brush is a little smaller and more precise. I sometimes use gel to set my brows after a pencil as well. The gel I used is tinted so it gives color and shape. Just run the gel over your brow hairs until a bit of volume has been built and the color fills in. It’s that simple!



I hope this post helps out some of you who might be looking for eyebrow strategies. Doing my brows is one of my favorite parts of makeup application and face framing, and I’m happy to share my techniques! Thanks for reading!


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