Tutorial: Sunset Eyeshadow


Hey all! Today I’m sharing an eyeshadow look that I stumbled upon by accident. I was out at brunch with some friends a few weekends ago and decided to experiment with different colors in my Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette. One of our friends said my eyeshadow looked really sunny, and I decided to make a little tutorial of the look! Read on for more.

I used a combination of pinks, reds, and golds to create the colors of a sunset on my eyes. The peach palette lends itself to this look because I swear every color in it goes so well together! I started by laying down a solid layer of foundation and concealer. I also did my brows like I normally do. You’ll see the completed eye on the left side.

To start my eyes I used the color Nectar on the lid. This color is the most beautiful shimmering gold that reflects light so well. After laying down the sunny foundation I swept the color Bellini in the crease. This pink has a bit of a shimmer to it that goes well with the base color.


Nectar on the lid


Bellini in the crease

For the outer corners I started with a matte hot pink called Candied Peach. I also added this color to my inner corners to get a short of gradient effect. The middle shimmer really pops when you add color to either side of it. I also wanted to add a little bit of a red tint to the eye look so it looked more like a sunset, so I added Summer Yum (a rusty color) over Candied Peach in the outer corner. I finished the shadowing by putting a bit of Summer Yum on my lower lid and using Nectar to highlight my inner corners.


Candied Peach on inner and outer corners


Nectar as highlight, Summer Yum on outer corner and lower lid

After adding the extra colors for highlighting I finished my eyes with some mascara on the upper lashes only.


A bit of blush was next to finish my face makeup, as well as a golden highlight because I prefer something more noticeable for my summer looks. Can’t get enough of that bit of glow right? The finishing touch to a sunny makeup look is a bright and summery lipstick, so I used one of my favorite coral MAC lipsticks to complete the look.

I hope you all enjoyed my sunshine eye look! It’s perfect for the summer or for when you want to try something just a little bit different. Thanks for reading!



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