Tutorial: Two-Toned Eyes


Hi all! Today’s post was inspired by the beauty section of Glamour magazine (not atypical of me). Sometimes the makeup trends are a little too intense for me (especially those terribly unwearable glossy lids), but going bold can also be really fun! My bold looks are often the ones I get the most compliments on because they are interesting and noticeable. Today’s look is all about bright colors and bold lines, so read on for more!


If only I had more colors to experiment with!!

It’s important to begin with a full-coverage base and concealer with looks like these because I want the colors on my eyes to be the focus, not a big old zit or a patch of redness. The easiest way to feel confident in bold colors is to paint them onto a fairly blank slate in my opinion. I showed the completed eye on the left.

I wanted to use my Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencils for this look because they are pigmented to the extreme and stay on for hours without smudging. I used the colors Deep End and Chaos to create this look. I added my own twist from the magazine and chose to use mermaid-type colors instead of contrasting ones. This is both because I have way too many blues and teals (I know myself ok!), and because the mermaid look is in fashion as well! I started by applying Chaos along my lower lash line. I only smudged it a bit because the look is supposed to contain distinct sections of color.


Next up was Deep End on my inner corner. I decided to use this approach rather than putting color on my whole lid because it is a little easier to pull of in the daytime and the colors are less likely to smudge on my amazingly oily eyelids. I also dusted a cool brown eyeshadow in my crease to create a bit of dimension.

The final touch was some mascara on the upper lashes. I used bronzer and a bright blush on my cheeks to keep giving off a mermaid vibe. I finished with a nude lipstick because the eye colors are the main focus.



I hope you all enjoyed this bold look as a last hurrah for summer! I’ve been enjoying working on some trends from magazines this summer and I love to experiment with colors. It’s easy to fall into a rut with neutral palettes and pinks, so it’s exciting to try something new and bold. I hope you enjoyed these bold colors and might try a few yourselves!


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