Tutorial: Maroon Smoky Eye


Happy March everyone! Today I’m back with a new tutorial and mini review post of a look I’ve been loving for the past couple months. Maroon and mauve colors are super big in the makeup world right now, and I’m excited to share an eye look I created by accident from a bunch of random colors. Read on for the new product I used for the look above!



Earlier this year I decided to finally purchase some of the Colourpop pressed powder eyeshadows. I had heard good things, but I found it hard to believe that Colourpop could make more high quality products for such a low price. I picked up one of their magnetic palettes and picked 8 colors that have almost nothing to do with each other (I just picked colors that looked pretty). Once I received these shadows I was incredibly impressed! They can be a little bit powdery so there is fallout, but the pigmentation is INSANE like with all Colourpop products. I also realized that some of these colors go together better than I thought. The look I’m doing a tutorial on below is my favorite, but I also created a pretty nice Christmas green look with it as well. I’ll list out the colors and swatches below.


Left to right: Glass Bull, Goody two-shoes, Sideline, Lil’ boat, Paper Crane, Pinky Promise, Team Captain, Facet


For the eye look that I did in this tutorial I used three colors from this palette, Glass Bull (a shimmery neutral color with a duo chrome effect), Lil’ Boat (a warm matte brown), and Facet (a dark matte maroon brown). I started with my regular foundation routine, eye primer, and a generous amount of brow gel. My workplace recently got a full time esthetician, so I ended up getting a brow tint and eyelash lift. This is why my brows are more simple and I’m not wearing any mascara for this look. It’s awesome to have such low maintenance brows and lashes right now!

The first step was generously tapping Glass Bull all over my eyelid. The shimmer and neutrality of this color makes it perfect as an eyelid base. I’ve used it on a lot of different eye looks because it adds some instant va-va-voom to eyeshadow. It looks especially good when the light shines on it.


Next up was Lil’ Boat in my crease. This is the one color I added to my palette for pure utility. I picked a lot of random colors I had never used, but realized that I had nothing to blend any of them out. I figured a warm brown would be pretty safe, so I picked this color and use it with almost every other color in this random palette. I generously blended this into my crease to prepare for the darker color. Sometimes when I want to intensify this look I’ll just use the maroon in the crease too, but I wanted something more suitable for daytime.


After my crease is the most important color in the look, the dark brown/maroon in Facet. I blended this color into my outer corners as well as my crease. I usually add this color, blend, and then add more for a bit of concentration. I love this color because it is unique and it makes my eye color pop like nobody’s business. It’s also not too dark and still suitable for daytime and work looks.


To finish off the look I used more of Facet to line the lower lashes. This shadow would look awesome with mascara, but again I chose to leave it off because of my curled eyelashes. I think it looks best with just bold brows (it took me forever to grow mine out ugh) and no eyeliner to distract from the colors. I usually tap a little more shimmer on the inner corner and mobile eyelid before finishing as well.


A little blush and lipstick were the final touches to this look. I like nude lips or something simple to focus on the eye colors. I patted a light pink on my lips with my finger this time to add a bit of color to them. I hope you enjoyed this eyeshadow look as much as I enjoy wearing it! I highly recommend the Colourpop pressed powder shadows as well because I can’t wait to get my hands on more. Thanks for reading!



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