How To: 3 Ways to Wear a Square Scarf


Hey all!

Summer is coming to an end and it’s the perfect time to show off some of the creative headwear I’ve been using to spice up my pixie cut. I don’t like to wear the same hairstyle every single day, so a large scarf I purchased at Target recently has been a perfect accessory. I love the colors on this scarf and its versatility. Read on for the 3 ways I tie my scarf!

1. Simple Headband

The first tie is probably the simplest to create. The classic headband look is something I’ve been using for quite some time to spice up a look. The scarf I own starts in a large square and can be folded various ways. I start each of these looks by folding the scarf in half into a triangle as shown below.


For the headband look I start at the tip and roll it into a band at whatever width I’m looking for. Sometimes I want to cover my hair up more so I make it wider. See the picture below for the starting point of the headband.


To create the simple headband look I just wrap the scarf around my head with the ends at the crown. I tie them together in a simple knot and tuck them into the tighter section of the headband. For shorter bandannas and scarves I sometimes leave the ends out to create a cute little bow look. This scarf is a bit floppy so I like tucking in the ends for a sharper look. See the results below!

2. 70’s-inspired tied headband


The second look always makes me feel like I’m sporting a cute 1970’s aesthetic. You can see one of these retro looks in my above Instagram post. I also think this look is very simple to achieve. You start with the same folded scarf as above, at the width you want.

Wrap the scarf around your head in the opposite direction as the first headband, with the ends at the back of your head. I usually tie the ends together in a double knot to make sure it won’t come loose. If you’re concerned about the headband sliding off your head (this is a major problem from most people), I usually add a couple bobby pins behind the ears for security. Leave the bunny ear ends hanging at the back of your head for a looser stylish look. See below for my results.


3. 40’s-inspired Rosie the Riveter Wrap


This final look is the most difficult to create but it also makes the biggest statement. I have gotten so many compliments on this wrap so far because it looks complex and adorable. Truthfully it isn’t that hard to achieve despite how it looks. I start with the scarf in a triangle fold again like below.


Take the flat end of the scarf and line it up with the base of you neck, right where your hairline ends. If you have longer hair than me I recommend pinning it back ahead of time so you don’t have to try to tuck it in while creating the wrap. If you face forward the point of the triangle should be hanging down over your forehead.

Take the right and left points by your neck and pull them upward to the crown of your head. Tie them together at the top over the triangle point on your forehead. Only tie them once. You should have the basic shape of the wrap at this point. Feel free to start over, tighten, or tuck pieces until the back part of the wrap looks right to you. The final step is to tuck the forehead triangle back and over your original knot. Now tie a second knot with your two loose pieces to secure the triangle into a front roll. Just like with the first headband, I tucked the loose ends into the tight sections of the wrap so they don’t show. The results are shown below!


I also recommend wearing any of these wrap and headband looks with loose longer hair if you’re going out because it can really step up an outfit or look without doing a full-on hairstyle (see examples below of some dope scarves on women of color). For this wrap especially I recommend a softer scarf material so you have some flexibility when you mess up.

I hope these scarf looks help those of you who are interested in adding a little oomph to your bad hair days! You can use any square scarf, but I recommend either a statement scarf with bright colors (like the one I used above), or something neutral you can wear with anything. This is one of my favorite looks to sport on unwashed hair or second day repeated styles. I hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading.


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