Review – Colourpop Haul Sep. 2018


Hey all! It’s been a while and I’ve got some new products to share with you! Most of you know that I’m a huge Colourpop Junkie and I recently bought some old favorites and new items to try! Read below for my thoughts on my mini Colourpop haul!


One of the things I like most about this brand is the adorable little cards they send with every package. Even though they are printed these days, the hand drawn picture is one of my favorites. I had to show this one in the post cause I love sushi AND makeup. It’s totally perfect.

You can see that I purchased 5 eye products, one foundation, and a lippie stix. I have tried all of these product types before except for the foundation, so I also included a little wear test for those of you who might be interested. I already love the super shock shadow and pressed powder shadow formulas, so I just bought a few bright colors to add to my collection. Next up are my swatches and color selection for those eye products!


As you can see in the photo, I bought some bright colors as a last hurrah for summer, as well as some fall-like colors. Colourpop makes some of the best bright colors ever so I couldn’t resist. The Super Shock Shadow in the middle is called Runnin’ Thru the 6 and is a beautiful teal. Depending on how much pigment you add, it can go from a mint color to a deep turquoise. I bought this color along with the purple shadow in order to recreate the look Cardi B wears in her “I Like It” video. I’ll be posting that look on my Instagram in the next few weeks!

From the top left in a clockwise direction, the pressed powder shadows are Koi (burnt orange), Tea Garden (shimmery green/yellow), Baseline (periwinkle), and Howlin’ (purple/pink). As I’ve said before, I am always impressed with the quality of Colourpop’s pressed powder eyeshadows. They are pigmented and smooth. There is a bit of fallout but that is a minor complaint for the $6 price point. I also love the Super Shock Shadows for their staying powder and extreme pigmentation. The packaging is just a little bulky so I prefer the pressed shadows. They are magnetic and can fit into any z-palette if you buy them without the compacts.


As you can see, the pigmentation on these products is OFF THE CHARTS. Colourpop never disappoints. My two personal favorites are Koi and Tea Garden. As you will see in a future Instagram and possible blog post, Tea Garden is the most unique and beautiful reflective color I have seen. I am obsessed with it. Koi is a color I have always been afraid of (orange) but it’s now one of my fall staples. I recommend them both!


The other two products I purchased are old and new. The Lippie Stix in Lumiére is the first product I bought from Colourpop and my first repurchase. Not only in the color beautiful, but the matte finish is so comfortable. I finally used my old one up so I had to buy another. I decided to purchase the No Filter Foundation because I’ve heard a lot about it and I just finished my previous matte foundation. I chose the color fair 05 with the matching system on their website. Honestly I was pretty nervous cause online matching is quite iffy. I was amazed that I actually got a color that matches me PERFECTLY. I think is just luck of the draw however, so buying in person would be much more ideal.

I decided to review the foundation with a wear test all day at work. I finished application at 10:30 AM. Below is my face first without foundation, then with the Colourpop product on one half. Finally I’ll show what my face looked like with the rest of my makeup on as well.


No makeup



No Filter Foundation on left side of face (you can tell by my AMAZING zit 😉


Full Face of foundation

You can see that the product is very matte as described. It has a strange consistency because it is very runny out of the bottle, but becomes almost powdery on the face. You can see a tiny bit of caking in between my eyebrows where I have a dry patch. I have combination/normal skin with an oily T-zone so this foundation is fine for me. If you have dry skin I might not recommend it because it can definitely show dry patches. It also makes me look pale as heck since it matches my skin perfectly, so I usually use bronzer or heavy blush when I wear it. Below is the finished look before I went to work. I did powder this foundation because that’s what I do with all foundations, so keep that in mind.


A little preview of that Tea Garden eyeshadow 😉

The next picture is my halfway point. I took this photo at 5:30 PM, about halfway through my work day. You can see there is a little bit of oil coming through on my nose and upper cheeks. This is usually where I get foundation smearing. But it still looks pretty great considering it’s been about 7 hours. Sorry for the lighting in the these nighttime pictures, but you get the point!


The final picture was taken around 8:43 when I took my makeup off. It is almost 12 hours since application. You can see that in the 3 hours that passed my oil has come through a lot, especially on my nose and around my cheeks and lips. I would say this foundation is good for a work day or day out, but definitely needs setting spray or primer for a 12 hour day/night. If you are a really oily person, it might not be the best for you, as it didn’t hold up to my oil and I don’t have that much of a problem. But I do recommend this foundation as an affordable option for a matte base. It’s good quality for the price in my opinion.


This test concludes my review post on these Colourpop products. Hopefully it helps you decide what to buy if you’re on the fence. I will ALWAYS recommend the eye products from Colourpop. They are my favorite thing. But they have a lot of high quality products in other areas that you can try for a low price. Let’s hope they keep giving us such amazing stuff at this dope price point. Thanks for reading!



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