The Look – Spring Fashion 2019

Hey all! It’s finally above 30 degrees here in the Chicago area so that means I finally get to take some pictures outside! I got some new clothes recently as you may have noticed on my Instagram, and I’m very excited to show them off. Check out a couple new looks below!

High-waisted jeans and pastel button-down:

I bought this amazing button-down shirt at Target and didn’t even realize how well it would match my purple hair! It’s oversized and very comfortable, while also flattering my shape when I tuck it in. Let’s be real though, the true star of this look is the jeans. I got these high-waisted button-fly jeans at Gap and I’m truly obsessed (you’ll see as much since they’re used in another look as well). They are incredibly flattering and comfortable as well. And to think I almost didn’t buy them!

Shirt – Target
Jeans – Gap
Ankle Boots – DSW
Brown Leather Cuff – Target
Red Leather Cuff – Forever21

Blue Dress Shirt and Green Maxi Skirt:

You know when you see something in a store and just know it’s going to be an amazing statement piece? That’s how I feel about this green polka-dot maxi skirt. It’s silky, comfortable, and rides the fine line between glamorous and matronly. It also doesn’t blow up around me in the Evanston winds so I appreciate that. This particular look was my take on a more professional feminine vibe for a work event. I especially love the little bow bandanna on top!

Blue Button-down – Gap
Green Maxi Skirt – Target
Oxfords – Toms
Hair Scarf – Target
Statement Necklace – Forever21

Casual Tee made fashionable:

This final look took me by surprise. My mom bought me this shirt for my birthday and it looked pretty average until I saw the sleeves. They are just the perfect touch to make it more than your normal t-shirt. I added the choker/necklace combo to jazz up the neckline and wore those amazing high-rise jeans again. The final touch is always my faux leather jacket (it’s not that warm yet haha).

Striped T-shirt – Old Navy
High-waisted Jeans – Gap
Jacket – Target
Ankle Boots – DSW
Choker – Target
Necklace – Esty

I can’t wait to try out more new spring clothing and get excited by fashion again! Spring and summer are the best time to try out cute outfits. Please follow for new posts and don’t forget to check out my Instagram, where I post fashion, beauty, and makeup every MWF!


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