Review – Patchology Masks

Hey all! It’s finally been long enough since my little birthday haul to try out some of the products I picked up in March. One of the more exciting brands was Patchology, a sheet/gel mask brand that I’ve really been wanting to try (inspired by my fave drag queen, KimChi, who loves them). Read on below for my thoughts!

The main appeal of Patchology is the amount of time you use the masks. They differentiate themselves from other brands in that most of their products recommend a 5 min waiting time (versus the typical 15-20 timing of most Korean sheet masks). My main concern when trying these masks was that they might be gimmicky and about the same as my typical sets of cheap sheet masks from The Face Shop. I’ve tried each of them several times to see!

First, a rundown of the products. I got the Rejuvenating Eye Gels, Restoring Night Eye Gels, Flashmasque Hydrating Mask, and a sample of the Aquaflash Daily Gel Moisturizer. I’m not going in depth on the moisturizer today cause it isn’t that life changing, and it doesn’t fall into the “mask” category. In my opinion the masks is where things should shine for this brand.

I was a big fan of the eye patches of both types. Anything hydrogel is my best friend, because of the feeling it gives your face when you wear it. (I also appreciate this texture cause regular sheet masks don’t fit well on my small face). I think eye masks are such a trend because they give you that “fresh” feeling with a lot less effort and cleanup. Both of these eye masks refresh my eye area and create a noticeable difference. I will say the night gels are a little heavier but I didn’t notice a huge difference in results. The full jar retails for $50 which might be a bit much for some people, but there are plenty of dupes out there. What makes Patchology worth it I think, is that they truly do work in 5 minutes. My face feels the same after 5 minutes as it does with 20 minutes using a regular mask.

The same goes for the traditional sheet mask I bought. I felt that the serum and effects were distributed more quickly and effectively than other sheet masks. It felt almost like a treatment. With these masks you get what you pay for, sheet masks for the busy gal/guy with high quality ingredients. If that isn’t your concern I wouldn’t recommend them. I got these on sale as well, so that’s a good way to try them and see if they’re worth it to you! Buying a jar of eye gels is really convenient and saves on packaging and mess.

I hope you enjoyed this mini brand review! I’m definitely going to keep trying Patchology’s products in the future!


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