Review – Colourpop Haul June 2019

Hey everyone! I know what you’re thinking: “More Colourpop Kate??”. What can I say? I just can’t get over the quality and affordability of the products Colourpop sells. I decided to pick up a BYOP with some old favorites and new stuff to test. Read on for my thoughts!

I really love when Colourpop does their BYOP (build your own palette) sales because it’s an opportunity to try a ton of new eyeshadows for a fraction of the price. There were several palettes to choose from as well, and I went with this adorable blue one with succulents all over it! The new pressed glitter shadows are featured above the palette. They are some of the new products I was able to try.

I’m going to go over the products in a couple groups since there are so many eyeshadows. Most of them are classic pressed powder shadows, but there are also a couple pressed glitter shadows as well. I’ve also swatched all the colors on my arm below!

Left to Right: excuse my french, dreamscape, heavenly, conjour up, try me, fyre, prowlin’, paradiso, solstice with the mostest, free bird

I’ll start with the first two rows in the palette of eyeshadows and the blush/highlighter. From left to right the colors are as listed:

Dreamscape and Excuse my French

The blush and highlighter were new products to me and I’m impressed. They aren’t life-changing by any means, but they are just as high quality as the pressed shadows. This blush color is a really nice peachy orange that looks extremely natural in the summer with some bronzer (it reads darker than it is in this photo, it is a true peach, as you can see in the palette photo). The highlighter has impressive pigment and gives that classic “wet” look on pale skin tones like mine. It is also easy to apply if you use a highlighter brush.

Shimmer Shadows: Top left to bottom right: heavenly, solstice with the mostest, paradiso, prowlin’ thank u, next, heavy glam, come and get it, ringer
Matte Shadows: Left to Right: Conjour up, Try Me, T-Cup, Cut-outs

The quality on the eyeshadows is as great as always. I always find the shimmers and metallics are a bit easier to use, but the mattes are quite pigmented as well. I finally got a chance to try the pressed glitters and was blown away. You can see in the swatches that the glitters are so iridescent they blow the other shadows out of the park! I recommend applying them with your fingers since a lot of the glitter gets lost in the brush when you use one. I’ll also mention the usual disclaimer: glitter gets everywhere, no matter how much glue is built in. If you put these on your eyes they will get on your face, and they will be difficult to get off for a day or two. Be warned!

Left to Right: cut-outs, thank u, next, heavy glam, boombayah, come and get it, t-cup, ringer, hungry ghost

Here’s the second two rows in the palette of eyeshadow from left to right:

The second 2 rows of shadows are less colorful and more warm for the summer. I’ve been enjoying using the coral colors especially! I also admit that I bought some of these just because of their names (thank u, next and Boombayah). I’m not ashamed that I love a good eyeshadow name!

I’m very satisfied with my purchases and I didn’t find any duds in the mix. If you’re looking for a good basic blush and highlighter, you can’t go wrong at these prices in my opinion. You can also buy these products in compacts if you don’t want to go with the whole palette. I’d say the standout here are the pressed glitters, which are so easy to apply and have SO MUCH payoff. I think it’s worth picking up a couple to try!

Thanks for reading my review and let me know in the comments which Colourpop products you love or would want to try!


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