My Most Used Nail Polish Brands

Hello all! As a newbie to regular nail polish use, I’ve noticed that brands make a huge difference in the quality of your home manicure. I’ve gone through a range of brands from drugstore to high-price options. Today I’d like to share my opinions on the brands I’ve used so far. Read on for more!

My Top Bold Summer Lipsticks

Summer is here is full force and I’m thrilled to be able to pull out some of my boldest lipstick for sunny weather. I do believe that you can wear whatever lipstick you want at any time, but I just feel better wearing some of these in the summer months! Well folks, it is over […]

My Favorite Spring Nail Colors

There’s nothing like a bit of spring nail polish to brighten up an unusually cold March and April. I must confess that I was never much of a nail painter until a few months ago, but since then my obsession has grown ten-fold! I honestly think that spring colors are some of the prettiest because […]