How To: Summer Highlighting

Hi everyone! Summer is finally here (as I’ve noticed¬†with my slight shoulder sunburn), and I’m all about a glowing makeup look. I don’t go as full-on as some people do with highlighter, but it’s one of my favorite makeup products. This post is a rundown on highlighting for summer. Read on if you’re a lover […]

How To: Use Sheet Masks

Hi everyone! Today’s post is all about one of my favorite ways to pamper the skin: sheet masks. The sheet mask trend has finally found its way to America, and I am thrilled that places like Sephora and Ulta are beginning to sell them. As someone who has followed this trend from Korea for several […]

4 Easy Ways To Improve Your Skin

Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t too hard to make your skin better. While I may be blessed with fairly clear skin (and some nice pill-based hormones help out with that), I have definitely improved it in the past couple years. If you’re interested in a more comprehensive skin routine guide, check out my post […]

How-To: Clean Makeup Brushes

Hey everyone! Today I’m talking about a part of makeup use that most people just hate; brush cleaning. As some of you know from my Makeup Brush 101, brushes can make makeup look better, but they are hella annoying to clean. I know how it feels. We look at our brushes with a sinking feeling, […]