My Most Used Nail Polish Brands

Hello all! As a newbie to regular nail polish use, I’ve noticed that brands make a huge difference in the quality of your home manicure. I’ve gone through a range of brands from drugstore to high-price options. Today I’d like to share my opinions on the brands I’ve used so far. Read on for more!

5 Ways to Get the Perfect Painted Nails

While I have gotten a few professional manicures in my life, most people rely on painting their nails themselves when they’re looking for a bit of color. As a relative noob in nail painting (I only started doing it regularly about 6 months ago) I have some tips to share on how I get my […]

My Favorite Spring Nail Colors

There’s nothing like a bit of spring nail polish to brighten up an unusually cold March and April. I must confess that I was never much of a nail painter until a few months ago, but since then my obsession has grown ten-fold! I honestly think that spring colors are some of the prettiest because […]