How to Have a Self-Care Day


Hey guys! Today’s post is not about getting glam like usual. Instead I thought I would share the ways I like to relax and take care of myself on a day off. It’s important to slow down every once and a while and consider what you need for yourself, whether that is a break from social media or a pedicure. November was a bit of a rough month for me, and these techniques helped me feel so much better! Read on for my ideal self-care day! Continue reading

Tutorial: Deep Berry Lipstick


It’s been about two weeks since I posted, and I apologize for the little break. The days after the election have been rough for me and I was practicing a bit of self-care while I could. Now we’re back to business with a tutorial I photographed earlier this month. For those of you who are unsure about how to wear a very deep berry lipstick this fall, check out the tutorial below! Continue reading

Review: Colourpop Haul Oct. 2016


Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve done a review (a symptom of having no money for new makeup sob) and I have a fun one for you today! Most of you know that I am a big fan of the cult favorite brand Colourpop. The products are extremely cheap for the quality, and so far I have liked almost all of them! This time I tried an Ultra Satin Lip as well. Read on for my take! Continue reading

Tutorial: Shimmery Rosy Brown Eyes


Hey everyone! Today’s tutorial is one of my favorite Fall looks. I think a lot of people don’t want to wear pink or rose undertones in Fall. It’s all about maroon and browns this seasons. Don’t get me wrong, I love those deep colors a lot! But I think pink is fun for any time of the year, and sometimes you just don’t want a super dark smoky look in the Autumn. Personally, I only want to look like a straight-up vampire every once and a while, so today’s look is where I gravitate the most. Read on for the tutorial! Continue reading

The Look: Casual Coffee Date


Hey everyone! This post is for people like me, who might be just a little bit “dating challenged”. We all know how it goes: you schedule a date, you get super nervous, and then you channel all your energy into a look that is perfect for the specific occasion (unless you aren’t crazy like me. Maybe you just get dressed haha). This look is focused on a very casual date at a coffee shop. Read on for the rest of the look! Continue reading

Bedroom & Vanity Tour 2016


Hey all! I’ve finally settled into my new apartment which means it’s time for a room tour as promised! I took some photos of my room from different angles to show it off. It still looks a bit barren because I’m not finished decorating, but this is the main look for now. Read on for more details! Continue reading

Tutorial: Bayonetta 2 Look


Hey everyone! It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a nerdy makeup tutorial (or any post for that matter. Moving is crazy!). I really enjoyed the look I did for Zelda back in February, and I was again inspired by a bamf video game character. If you’re a fan of the Bayonetta series I hope you enjoy this look inspired by the hair-weilding witch in her sequel game! Continue reading

Review: Empty Products 9/2


Hey everyone! It’s that that special time again: the time for me to share some empty products! I’m pretty intense about using up products before buying new ones, so it takes me quite a while to accumulate enough stuff. Thankfully the summer is finally ending and I’ve got a few reviews for you! Read on for my¬†opinions! Continue reading

Look of the Month: August 2016


It’s hard to believe that August is almost over and the fall is about it begin! It’s been one busy and crazy summer, and I’m excited to get back into my routine with posts on the blog. I’m prewriting a few posts for you guys since I’m moving next week (yay!) and I’m going to be busy. Today’s post is all about a look I wore a ton in August. Continue reading