Tutorial: The Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette

Last weekend my sister went to a wedding in Texas and made her very first purchase at Sephora (*sniff* I am so proud) and it was the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette. I’ve loved this palette ever since I got it back in the fall. It is one of the 3 larger palettes that I own and is really great for someone who wants a little bit of everything. You get your basic matte and shimmer looks for a less hefty price than a Naked Palette and the colors are just beautiful! In honor of my sister buying her first Sephora item I’ve decided to tutorial two looks with this palette; a neutral look and a more bold look. Read on to see them!

The first look I’m showing off is a very neutral look that flatters your natural eyes. I used the top row, called “Day”, of the palette. As you’ll notice both of my looks are variations of what the palette gives you in their little guide. I’m a big fan of palettes with color families of 3 because I’m not creative when I’m mixing my own colors. I started the basic look with the color Heaven all over my lid. Heaven is hard to see here in the picture as it’s just a basic cream shadow. Keep in mind that you can do this tutorial with any eyeshadow of similar color!

Next I applied the second shadow in the row, Cashmere Bunny, to my crease. I did this rather sloppily because I find that it makes the crease look pretty natural. I add matte browns to my crease pretty often with a basic look to create some depth.

The final eyeshadow step was to add the color Sexpresso to my lashline (pardon these names, they are a little risqué). I usually add colors to my lashline on the outer edge to make my eyes look a bit more spread apart, so do whatever you like! For those of you who may have trouble with eyeshadow as eyeliner, I typically use a angled liner brush and press the shadow in as close to the lashes as possible. Wiping it across usually leaves more fallout. If you’re concerned about getting eyeshadow under your eyes I sometimes hold a tissue under there just to be safe.

The Final step to this look is a really good coat of mascara. Use whatever makes your lashes pop the most. I tend to use something with volume to pump up the look. I find that a soft eyeliner look really shows off your eyelashes so help them out! I added Buxom’s Full and Fabulous to my upper and lower lashes. I also added Heaven to my inner corners and below my brows as a highlight. Check out the final look below!

The next look I’m showing is a more bold one. I wear this to work and during the day, but it could work as an intense night look as well. The great thing about this palette is that you can pack on more color to intensify whenever you want. I’m using the bottom row, called “Fashion” for this look. I started by putting the glittery gold color, Honey Pot, all over my mobile lid.

The second step is to create some depth again and add a color that can help blend together the rest of the shadows. I used the warm brown Nudie in my crease and a bit into the outer corners. I extended the color past my crease because the look is more bold.

Next I added the darkest color, Chocolate Martini, to my outer corners. This color is a gorgeous warm brown with bits of gold in it. It is highly pigmented so I would recommend a small brush and building up the color slowly. It blends very well with the other colors so I used a fluffy blending brush to move it into the crease a bit as well. I also added just a bit to the lower lashline for more intensity. Beware fallout with this color. I would recommend the tissue technique again.

The look can be finished with mascara at this point, but typically I add a little bit of a winged liner on this one. I used a brown liner and created a very small wing. Then I added mascara and a bit of Honey Pot on my inner corners. This shadow makes a beautiful highlight because it reflects light well. I also added a bit more of Honey Pot on my lid to counteract my blending. Check out the completed eye below!

Those are my two looks for the Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette! I would highly recommend this product for someone looking for a basic palette that can do a large variety of looks! Check up my full faces below. I paired a pinky red lipstick (Clinique’s All Heart) with the bold look for a bright summery vibe and my favorite Coral (MAC Vegas Volt) with the neutral eye to make things more colorful. Like and comment if you enjoyed these looks!


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