Tutorial: Makeup for Glasses


Hey all! It’s time for another tutorial, and this one is pretty classic and fun! Just so everyone knows, I’m going on vacation  for two weeks, but my posts are all queued up and ready to go! I may not reply to your comments, but I’ll still get my content out there for you! This tutorial is for all my glasses peeps out there! I wore glasses pretty much every day from age 10 to age 18, and I would have appreciated a good look to show off the eyes behind those lenses! Check out my tutorial below.

My glasses tutorial is all about good coverage and clean lines. Working behind lenses means that you have to consider if you’re nearsighted or farsighted. I’m nearsighted, so my lenses make my eyes look smaller. I tried to make the green pop with a dark eyeliner just on top. My glasses themselves are quite a statement, so I didn’t want to use many colors and distract from them.


I started off with basic foundation and concealer. I wanted my complexion to look good without overdoing it, so I used the It Cosmetics CC Cream. Glasses often rub the makeup off your nose, so it is wise not to go ham in that area anyway.


Next up was a look partially inspired by this Lisa Eldridge video for a quick cat eye. I used black liquid eyeliner on just the outer edges of my eyes. I’m loving this look for my hooded eyes and showing off my lashes. It is especially good for glasses because it is simple yet bold!

Next, I softened the liner with black eyeshadow. Since I didn’t go all the way to the inner corner, the liner was a bit stark, so the shadow helps to blend it into the lash line. I also added a medium taupe contour shade to my crease to define the eyes a bit.

Finally, I added a good layer of mascara to make those lashes pop! I used something volumizing rather than lengthening because my lashes are long and they bump into my glasses (what a burden right haha?).

The last step was a bold red lip! I love this Revlon Matte Balm in Striking for summer. It is bright without being too intense. I think a bold lip is a great way to go with glasses makeup because it gives you some oomph without doing much to the eyes.

That’s it for my glasses makeup tutorial! I hope this helps anyone out who struggles with looks for lenses! Comment below if you liked this tutorial or it helped you out! I know I have lots of friends who rock the glasses look. Thanks for reading!



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